Why do we support indigenous people and their efforts to support nature and nutrition medicine.

Aug 09, 2021

Today is world indigenous peoples day and lot of awareness programs going on. Being a dietitian and in spiritual path during earth ascension, the observation made by evolving spiritual beings in higher dimension is to support their food habits and their land which is the real nutrition medicine that can cure various illness. Most of the indigenous people have their own psychic abilities to heal the soul and mind layers thus complete transformation and healing due to the shift in energy and vibration with plant medicine and prayers. Most of them can travel astrally and connected to different world and protect them as God or those who are connected truly to that divine essence.

Being here in Kerala, South India and the place where ancient food culture is being followed for generations and the rituals from different yuga and we all have that essence inside our gene , to protect the nature and food culture to support humanity and food chain when science and spirituality work together to help heal all layers.

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