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Obesity related problems are a nightmare for many. From a worry over looks to serious health problems like heart disease and stroke etc..

From a worry over looks to serious health problems like heart disease and stroke; high blood pressure; diabetes; some cancers; gallbladder disease and gallstones; osteoarthritis; gout; breathing problems, such as sleep apnoea and asthma can take away the zest of your life. Being underweight also damages your health by making your immune system weak and bones fragile, thus giving you lethargy and low work output. To maintain an ideal weight, the perfect BMI for your body to stay healthy, we offer you simple and easy customised diet plans according to your preferences, giving you room for your favourite food items too.

Follow the diet chart, and relax. Each and everyone is different and their daily need. Regular follow-ups with Gayathri, will motivate you to attain your goal. We offer three-month plans and six-month plans to our customers. Healthy weightloss is 3kg to 3.5kg per month. She got specialised with sessions in Australia regarding emotional eating disorders ,and she pays more importance in tracking emotions as well as inner child healing.She also believe that emotions and mind are also connected with many diseases including Obesity.

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NUTRISOLUTIONS is among the leading nutrition healthcare clinics in Kochi. The knowledge, experience & dedication of Gayathri are the driving forces behind this healthcare clinic.


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