Nutrition and Why do we love street food ? – fermented vitaminC

Apr 23, 2023

Dear community,

How are you today? While travelling (#KeralaGodsOwnCountry) to seaside like Alapuzha or Kozhikode we can see a variety of salted fermented vegetables , especially green mango which is a seasonsl fruit in summer , amla , carrots etc . Which one do you like and why ?

Do you ever think these likeness to street food is connected to our childhood memories . During early 80’s it was common in front of schools and shops near home where we used to buy and that memories are still within me when I choose a piece of it to try and that flavour is incredible . Green mango and #nutrition rich amla where we #dietitian recommend is my favourite . My sister used to finish full bottle at a stretch .

We can recommend these street food only if it is hygienic ally made with right ingredients and fresh water . Otherwise it can affect our stomach snd many micro organisms grow in such liquid . If salt content is high it acts like pickle and if such seasonal pickles are added with a balanced diet , it provide enough microbes , act like probiotics . Use it in limits . These are the common questions based on street food and chats . There could be some micro nutrients especially daily source of vitaminC must be there in these pickles . A good way to consume it by making it at home with salt water and green chillies which is also a rich source of vitamin C and during summer due to sweating there is a loss of vitamin C and B – Complex vitamins with some good fibre . Add it with rice , curd ; also a probiotic and ideal for digestion and absorption of nutrIents . Always remember that everything in excess is not good . Share food with family and enjoy your holidays .

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