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As a life member of the Nutrition Society of India, she plays the roles of a consultant nutritionist, visiting lecturer, and a public speaker with great dedication.

Corporate Wellness Program

Many developed nations and companies are giving more emphasis on health care and Nutrition of staff .Providing wellness education onsite improves employee productivity, drastically decreases healthcare costs, boosts employee morale and makes you, as the employer, more attractive to potential recruits.

Gayathri is working with many MNC and her Knowledge in Nutrition Science helps to build a healthy kitchen and food options at work place with add on spiritual science benefit and advice which helps a better productivity and harmony at work place.

Rural & Urban Nutrition Program

“We can have a balanced diet with 20 rupee or 2000 rupee, choice is yours “. Depends on the availability of products it’s easier to promote healthy eating. Since Nutrition is our birth right, it’s a social responsibility and Gayathri engaged in so many activities to help people realised this truth .

School & College Wellness Program

A child is father of the man and they are the assets of our nation. Giving Nutrition knowledge at school give the base for better options and family diet will also change automatically thus benefits the entire home through kids and adolescents who are the real motivators . Add on benefits are her knowledge in inner child healing techniques and motivation with meditation. Better performance experienced by schools after the class.


So many individual and group workshops are going on with wellness experts, Doctors and scientists. Online and direct programs are planned especially for clients and building a community of like minded people to encourage them to see the light within.

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NUTRISOLUTIONS is among the leading nutrition healthcare clinics in Kochi. The knowledge, experience & dedication of Gayathri are the driving forces behind this healthcare clinic.


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