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As a life member of the Nutrition Society of India, Gayathri plays the roles of a consultant nutritionist, visiting lecturer, and a public speaker.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Today’s employees thrive in a fast paced, complex and uncertain professional environment. Achieving a healthy workforce has become a priority of most of the modern employers. The onset of COVID-19 highlights the need for employers to prioritize their employees' mental and physical wellbeing. In normal scenarios, providing onsite wellness education programs improve employee productivity, boosts their morale, enhances workplace culture and makes an employer an attractive choice for potential recruits. However, the sudden shift in the work environment and uncertainty has affected the mental and physical well-being of employees across the globe. So encouraging virtual wellness programs plays a major role in revamping corporate wellness.

Gayathri associates with many MNCs as their corporate wellness coach. Her deep knowledge and experience in Nutrition Science helps to build a healthy kitchen and food options at workplace. Her diet solutions with an add on of spiritual science and nutrition advices helps in better productivity and harmony at the workplace.


Gayathri conducts various individual and group wellness workshops in association with wellness experts, doctors and scientists. Online and direct programs are custom-tailored based on clients needs. With this, she aims to build a community of like minded people to encourage each other to see the light within.

Students Wellness Programs for schools and colleges

Schools and colleges play a key role in developing a healthy nation. Nutrition education is an important part of education programs. It empowers students with the knowledge and skills to make healthy eating choices. This enables them with improved dietary habits which will be extended to their homes.Gayathri also shares her knowledge in inner child healing techniques and meditation during student wellness programs.

Rural & Urban Nutrition Programs

Gayathri advocates nutrition as our birthright. According to her, anyone can choose to have a balanced diet with the simple locally available food items. In line with her social commitment, she engages in activities that promote healthy eating to improve the lives and health of the less privileged in rural and urban areas.

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Gayathri offers individual and corporate nutrition and wellness programs to individuals, corporates, schools, colleges and other institutions. For more details, contact:


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