Why do we focus more on Pregnancy and Lactation diet mind and emotion support and regular follow up

Jul 23, 2021

In the last few weeks more clients from our own community and referrals are connected to pregnancy and more of lactating mother diet and mental support. Since they are from different parts of the world but from Kerala and due to the pandemic situation, they tried to handle the situation themselves and too much food ordered from outside made mind health and emotions out off control. But after few days of easy to make food but meeting the nutrition requirements for the mother and well being of family helping the family and emotions of the mother have a great impact in the harmony and energy balancing.
Life lessons and wisdom with science and spirituality when listening itself creates better understanding and how simple it is to manage the huge task when there is regular follow ups to share the progress in each week. From the frequency of voice in their sound shows the uplifting energy and good emotions of love.

Motherhood is the most important period in the cycle of womanhood and there need more nourishment than losing fat . Follow the traditional beliefs with science and spirituality and in Kerala we have our own rituals and it’s own benefits to take care of both. Just remembering that period of sleep less nights and a mix of emotions which rarely understood by others or each person is different and their needs. There are different methods and listening with a heart and soul heals where as logic analysis and criticism weaken everyone and as always divine looks for the innocence and support. Empathy and sensitivity to understanding the blocking energies from childhood and various layers helps a lot.

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