Why do I love pineapple ? #diet #mind

Jan 29, 2022

As always, there are many questions related to the period of change and a state of no food no water for weeks and moving away from the usual way of celebrating or the resolutions which stopped and observing the changes happening inside and the search for truth, passion, dispassionately inwards and when open the social media or phone which I throw away some where during the clearing phase and now while opening there is smile, in our community response of each member and the way they waited for the response for sustainable weight management and in the last few years of attempt to explore other methods and now coming back to what matters most and 2022 is an year of knowing ordinary Vs extraordinary , the year of simple truth 💗

During the period of the changes and moving through each phase of inner clearing and realising the thin line between each world and where we experienced it differently and higher dimension of consciousness is not easy to explain in simple words or mind, or love we cannot show it to a person or all that we experienced to the core and the essence of soul is what matters and many things in life cannot weighed or buy with money but at the same time the the learning and understanding and how much support nature is bringing to know this.
Seeing the changes in giving less important to personal care or food or in their words it’s punishment to self and to my heart it’s the period of rapid shift in healing path to know what resonate most and what that is staying inside the mind and while coming back what is happening inside mind, what I remember most, the spiritual path, and the clients came through this profession and evolving into something that is necessary for our community support at this point of time.

Family got upset and the realising period of rebirth process clearing lower emotions understanding the balance between science and spirituality. Same as some vegetables and now moving to pure vegetarian when body and mind rejects many things, just love pineapple with almost all fruits. They told that whenever they see pineapple they remember me and from childhood onwards I was in charge of cutting this fruit and it’s flavour, texture and colour everything is familiar to mind and ancient food culture where most households have this plant and local fruits and vegetables and having good food is equally good when we think about nutrition science, pineapple have a lot of nutrients and benefits in clearing throat or immunity and all such information is available online.

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