Why abundance and truth attracted to lack and lies or how women consciousness and spirituality is masked in Kerala- only 3% of earth got a chance to be as King and Queen- How to make Kerala enlightened research.

Aug 14, 2021

While moving through various situations and soul journey to understand the truth inside and how important it is to connect directly to divine essence and the ancient wisdom we all carry in our gene is to support everyone else and past few generations suffering just due to support those who do not deserve and the reason why our community support is maintained than adding new who cannot understand the evolution happening right now or by helping anyone freely and affected with various energy attacks made me to come back home and the land and support earth ascension and golden era is helping people to realise the truth.

Why abundance always attracted to lack either in spiritual journey or any life situations. Beware of the energy and it’s pattern ~ 

Tretayuga-Rama pure soul of light affected by others karma Dwaparayuga-Krishna shows how to balance both and now at the end of kaliyuga or golden era of change that we believe it’s to protect the energy and share it only with genuine heart and souls connected to the true essence

While supporting humanity as a whole or women who is by nature divine grace is connected and while helping to balance the masculine and feminine polarity of earth and this place while dealing with clients or by meditating to clear energies, it is always a concern about the pain affected by women and their emotions in all areas. The queen who left this land and her pain is reflected and even though all the treasures and the buildings including the College which I studied, the summer palace of acres of land, why these people living here is not grateful to them and still creating more problems. Anyone who connected to that ultimate source live in abundance and nature itself give everything. Only 3% of people who live in earth have the opportunity to live as King or Queen and it is their birth right and divine guidance with spiritual essence. But those who born in lack of money or spiritual energies always try to suck from others and create problems and it is visible in all areas, especially in Kerala. Men who is arrogant without understanding the divine essence or balancing both polarity is more here and spiritual enlightenment is the only way to support humanity in Kerala, whatever you believe just go to the essence and find your unique essence . #supportingtravancore #supportingwomen #ancienttruth #goldenera #keralagodsowncoyntry#supportingourcommunity 


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