Weight loss and celebration- Diwali Diet

Oct 23, 2022
Diwali is the celebration of light and each celebration is connected to food culture and social function of food is to share with people and we can adjust the excess calories with a proper diet suggestions in the coming follow up and as always suggested “eat not only for your body but mind and soul “ . Refreshing mind with ancient stories and spiritual essence with rituals,which vary in each part of India or Kerala or in each home.We have already discussed about a balanced diet accordingly for rural or urban crowd with personal preferences and you can see the mass media communication to create awareness on healthy eating and supporting our ancient food culture which is thousands of year old ; the #keraladiet #indiandiet and mostly clients visit a #dieticianinindia or #nutritionistinindia or in #GayathriNutrisolutions , mostly they join through online or direct consultation. Know your portion Dietitian/Nutritionist -GayathriNutrisolutions
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