Truth is as simple as it is- fearless state of our soul and mind

Aug 28, 2021

What is truth? Why I am here ? Why I can’t hide what I am feeling and I am sharing it. Because that’s the nature of my soul

Be who you are in essence and each one have a different journey or understanding and remembering the reasons to choose this place at this time of earth ascension and pandemic. The places which emit an unconditional love energy and support are healing where as the places like Kerala where education and literacy rate or economy is good but so much learning and understanding about this land, truth and how our consciousness is blocked and how can we help heal ourselves and earth too can be studied by reading the energy of each place or all spiritual beings on earth, especially the ancient truth is just to connect to entire universe and listen the messages channelling. We have as many enlightened spiritual beings helping metaphysically and give vision to the seekers and many of the masters of Himalayas are still living in their light bodies which is more than 2000years old . When we meditate, our time zone may change and we connect to the higher world and being guided by them just a representative of similar energy and to make each one realise that divine quality inside.
From childhood onwards such spiritual guides and masters were guiding and helping to understand the spiritual essence of this land and how it got polluted over a time. Just respect each other and supporting the truth of this land

when we evolve spiritually there are lots of questions coming up and in ascension and higher dimension of consciousness and in new era of truth, each soul have their own unique journey and to help heal similar soul group or those who come naturally and this community is formed over a period of 11years of trust love and understanding the journey or only those who resonate with it may join and in the silent phase of peace and understanding and the energy around, the spiritual enlightenment or simple universal truth is being implemented in each and every being here in Kerala or India or anywhere in this world when consciousness is blocked and now earth is moving with a higher frequency of light and whole universe is supporting earth to heal her past wounds and being human is so simple and generations of trauma and patterns of ancestors are getting cleared from our system.

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