Sweet tooth-high calorie ghee Mysorepa

Feb 16, 2023

Dear community ,

Do you like ghee mysore pasnd the calorie will be around 650-700 kcal depending upon the sugar and ghee used in it . Usually I prefer Sri Krishna sweets which is pure ghee and tasty . Yes one Mysorepa is equal to 20 iddlies and curries , if it is less in size than medium iddlies .

Choose wisely and I just cut it into few pieves and ate with love after each meal . To balance nutrition , proper balanced diet rich in fibres and protein are essential . To balance blood glucose level protein and fibres helps .

Gayathri V - Dietitian & Nutritionist

This sweet is an instant mood elevator same as our Guruvayur ghee snd sugar

Gayathri V – Dietitian & Nutritionist

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