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Dec 30, 2022

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Dear community,

Thanks for being here during these spiritual shifts of life and just because of the passion purpose and lots of unconditional love put here during the last 20yrs of professional life or the last 44yrs of clearing past life karmas. Just because of your question I am communicating come back to life during all difficult situations in life . Just thought of being active unlike last year , when I switched off the phone and un aware of the time and dates , in deeper meditation without food or water ( kids and mother told it was 2 weeks ) but energy was there . I felt like my life on earth was about to end , was inside a closed room due to the painful learning where I thought there is no one to be here except love from Krishna . At last siblings came from Australia , opened the door with force and hospitalised. I cried calling Krishna but become unconscious due to the medicine they injected . Maybe just because of being the motherhood period when kids need their mother back and here in our community , there need support and only the soul group of matching energy may join here and we all are connected in past lives …

There I realised , while surrendering to Krishna , life becomes not easy , he help clear all past karmic ties and release the reason to reincarnates on earth . May be this life is to learn unconditional love and choose opposite situations to see it inside or while teaching we learn . From a phase of I am everything to no body . Doctor told you are flying like a kite without strings connected to earth so need to tie it somewhere . Then I remember it was already tied to the hip chain ”Kingini “ of Krishna . I forgot that childhood name after marriage and kids told its meaning . Then I remembered how that name came to me and why ? May be just because of a spiritual connection I choose this life with them , he was a Veterinary doctor at Indo – swiss project Kulathupuzha , inside the forest at that time . so many cows and different breeds and variety of milk . They told that I used to make sound kilu kilu and one day one of my father’s friend Rajeev Anchal came there and choose name . He was an artist and make reconstruction of Jadayupara and made movie ”Guru” later . My father was also a good artist which made me draw and sculpture making a hobby being an introvert not much connected to outer world but with other worlds . There was only few friends and even weeks or months I spent writing poem , drawing or sone kind of art and it was a surprise to received “Kalathilskom” without any stage performances but art side and there was some force which was doing everything . Even what I wrote in a book in few days or these blogs everything is doing by my spirit guides or masters . Hanuman and Parasurama is always here being immortals and Hanuman in the form of our cat calling “Amma” , love sun rays same as myself .

yes I love everything , in the universe and nature is full of positive energy source and I trust Sun most being stable inspiration , shining without conditions and the source of healing. It is not only vitaminD – the sunshine vitamin but our own soul sparkle by it . Sun is my ”Rama” or soul and Moon is my mind or ”Krishna” . We we discuss more about Diet and Mind , even though body , mind and soul healing happening in each layers (Not everyone can understand what is a soul , that’s ok later everyone can learn) Then think about the definition of health by WHO its not merely the absence of disease but…..(read)

When did this son came in my life ?? One day father came with a book on Gayathrimantra saying some saints gave and I used to practice looking at sun , and that master was guiding for a while till marriage then stopped when life changes to learn an unfinished chapter of past birth . Kids came as supporting soul of pure love and they were my siblings in another life.

Don’t know why I choose or he chooses me to learn and in every places he arranged masters to bring back into it . While learning Buddhism there was a well planned story to teach everything is inside , no need to add more go and teach meditation of unconditional love to the world , to help heal emotions of women and in that house of Gujarat there was krishna and it was the land of Amul – the white revolution , pride to nation . She was kind , helped to connect to Agriculture minister of India and suddenly the book published in Delhi , met a bunch of Tretayuga soul group of Rama . They were happy , greeted with love , lovely food , nature and Indianfood culture is residing in those villages of pure love . There were peacocks and deer in the path … which reminds again and again .

After that early childhood period at a forest similar of Himalayas and there was a Radhaswami temple at Anchal , may be its difficult to see one with both of them in Kerala . May be our consciousness is being blocked by maya and the education , still illiterate in mind or more of people with Ravana (who was also a brahmin but the character of asura , taking away feminine energy were still many women in spiritual groups here are stuck there without knowing their goddess nature inside. Met so many mothers who is of pure love and joy where krishna appears in front of them and guide same as Latha aunty which I met recently . She was my mother of one life Tretayuga and was waiting , told she wanted a daughter when my mind was I needed a pure hearted mother who chant krishna’s name than the one who watch all TV programs scolding her daughter about listening to Krishna’s song or teaching . Don’t know why I was born to someone who call shiva (I respect him and was guiding but there also krishna stopped by sending Bhagavatgita to focus on when Shiva can’t enter into Goloka Vrindavan himself since it is in a higher dimensions when those who believe Shiva can eat or do anything )and stopped all spiritual beliefs when father passed away and for myself the spirituality grew when husband passed away few years back after 14yrs of teaching.

Some of you asked about the birthday, yes it is on 2nd January and a Capricorn with super-sensitivity to all the energies around with the number of 11 , could be a divine feminine journey with spiritual guides appeared throughout life . It says , for each shift in consciousness there is so much pain in each layers which is unbearable and that pain teachers how much love and compassion to feel to the self same as the universe or the multiverse that travel each day through meditation . Now a days , when that Tretayuga story opened up 4yrs ago while meeting a Rishika connected to Himalayas (all that I wrote earlier or in youtube videos , not sure if I deleted many since these dimensions of expansion is not necessary , maybe each one have a unique story . chanting Krsna’s name would be enough or Radhe the ultimate truth in higher spiritual realms. Adhipurush and Adi shakthi who came even before yuga started . Here in SouthIndia that truth is masked with other names or truth is simple and only pure unconditional love can reach there in Vrindavan , don’t know from where we come from or why . Do what you believe and Universe guide)
Last one year was a period of slow down , releasing the learned lesson and while sitting in groups , it was such a blockage to the layers and nature itself guided to detach and the soul roar while sitting with conditioned souls who blocks unconditional love energy.

As we discussed earlier , there is a change happening and its easy to observe in coming years , especially in Kerala . If you believe take this coming ekadasi – swargavathil ekadashi which marks the changes towards golden era for sleeping souls . Yes that golden era of chsnge and truth is what we called earlier as satyuga – or its depending on what soul chooses to learn , living and understanding that true essence inside is the freedom .

May be my life on earth could by for a better purpose but this detachment is not allowing me to teach meditation regularly or create bonds but on occassional fullmoon or only to those understand , for others just chanting mahamantra is enough and in bhaktiyoga its easier to reach and for me it is whole day chanting his name or meditate with the intoxication of love inside communicating each moment . Rarely speak at home , only if it is needed and yes of course communication with kids are there and always help them whenever needed but giving space for them to understand their own potential and these new age kids are of very old souls of pure joy and understanding life without karmic ties (We learned and discussed more about these kids in past videos)

Yes another question you asked is sbout that nose ring Mookoothi and I don’t know how it fell down while opening an old jewellery box , which rarely open and these days just looking into mirror at-least. Last few years after Covid it was rare to look in mirror or take care of self and last one year gone like a week when most of the time I was sleeping . One day this sun light again came into my life to continue the process and reach my soul family of unconditional love which I am waiting for and love is the cure , this sun is the cure . All the rainbow colours of sunlight and our rainbow nutrition supporting local sustainable stuff will help us . Yes sunlight is a natural Anti-depressant, motivator and it helps in natural sun kissed food of plant origin , helps in healthy ageing and more …. Let that central sun of all the universes guide us removing the maya of demiGods . Be who you are in essence , eat what makes your soul happy .

So much love light peace and Joy

jaisreeradheradheGovinda jaiSitaram Jaihanuman 💜

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