South India’s tasty protein rich evening snack = Kerala spicy doughnuts!

Feb 09, 2023

There were so many childhood memories and past clearing, when again and again it comes back . Spiritual healing and its science by different layers of emotions and mental body through meditation ( we had meditation research and emotions , weight management etc ) and undergo different patterns to reached our unique essence,

The pattern with mother and repetitive cycles during the past lives and this life got better clarity . During two past lives , she was my mother who took me away from the palace and it results in many loss. My mother was a queen , bed ridden. Both ancient Indian and west lives was seen but I prefer to stay at my India , which I feel emotional always and goosebumps . Let everything we lost must come back to our nation.

During our childhood in this life , we used to get 4’o clock snacks and mostly during our stay at Grandpa’s house which is a penensula . All loving and caring people . Instead of this chayakada style pazhampori, uzhunnuvada, parippuvada, vattaappom , neiyappam all of them were nutritious . The mind of our ancestors and us , (community)is to support earth and connect to only genuine people.Most of the snacks , even jilebi is made with uzhunnu and uzhunnuvada is an ideal protein source with added spices which is rich in protein and vegetables . We can have 3tsp of oil per day , so adjust accordingly . How blessed we are in this land were food is medicine (let it be) and the nation which give limewater or coconuwater or nira or jaggery coffee with ice which taste like soft drink . Since peergroup influence is high and the phone , we can pray for new generation to become healthy wealthy and wise.

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Gayathri V - Dietitian & Nutritionist

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