Science behind fasting and how it heal our gut health and mind?

Nov 09, 2021

There were lot of queries regarding the mind and how to make it focus on daily duties when we have lots of time in door and too much thought and gut health is altered and it could be one of the causes of emotional eating and over weight and lot of trauma in work , parenting and restarting daily duty. Due to the fear in mind and still social distancing is in mind some clients are still inside home and not even ready to use the lift .
For personal reason the work was going online and few direct session, it was not easy to drive car after a while and understanding it how much it is affecting emotionally, mentally and even the diet habits also changes. Maybe we all are learning and evolving in our own way.

Is it a good way to fast and how it is connected to the science or spiritual reasons? When we give rest to stomach it may heal digestive problems ( but check with your physician since it is not suitable for all conditions) and giving rest to stomach can also heal nerves or our thoughts can be checked easily. In ancient system with different planetary positions it is mentioned and it says to heal karma or the dense energy due to the too much thought and women have a lot of thoughts as compared to men according to studies. Their brain patterns are wired together and when one thing is affected it may affect everything and the reason why the food we cook is also connected to our mood . When ever mind is happy the food is tastier than ever. Do you check it yourself?

Mostly the focus is on fruits than empty stomach and it can be according to personal choices or conditions. According to nutrition science there is no need of detox since our body itself have such mechanisms and in spirituality it is mentioned and we conducted such workshops 6yrs back and each person their system and different beliefs everything is there and it’s personal choice. Experience and learn yourself. #science #fasting #food

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