Respect your self so you can respect others too

Dec 22, 2018

Energy shift and light meditate in moonlight clearing old unresolved emotions and mindset, manipulation.

Now when moving towards light it’s possible to eat anything. More of positive body image and self-realization!
I can help you 😇
Eat what makes your soul and heart happy!

🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋Today is the special day to clear most things and was busy doing it with few follow-ups. There were lots of questions and Christ consciousness was in the mind. As always I listen to Universe to send the right answers. Suddenly just before closing, a woman call me and asked for a quick consultation, traveling from North India under medication here in some hospital, she was 67year old. Her daughter who came from Germany assisted her for searching for a dietitian to gain weight and suffering from Parkinson’s since years. She had dry eyes, skin, shivering and no happiness left. It looks like she is afraid of something, asked about her childhood and she said it’s perfect like😅 any other Indian women, I asked some questions in depth and she was not comfortable. I understood that she is suffering from a nagging husband who throws things and got paralyzed a few years back with additional burden with add-on emotions and she is the one who is running around and bringing up kids, her only wish in life.

I asked her about spirituality and she told she goes to church daily and more answers came from childhood wounds and father departed and her mother sharing all her emotions into her (which many girls never understood either they carry family trauma and their experience while talking daily and download. Kids are not here to download it anyway but can support once they clear their own inner wounds. Her daughter filled her eyes with tears and I asked her to heal herself first since understanding things at the ’60s may not be easy )

🌟 We did a meditation together before getting into diet recall. After 20 min meditation (actually I was praying to masters to make her realize her own light within) a surprise happened and her shivering got reduced and a smile came, skin becomes moist but her eyes are still dull because she couldn’t understand her self!

Each and every soul needs to be respected and self-love is the first step. We cannot give anything from an empty vessel. Feminine energy is rising, use it for a better purpose. Feminism is old school but respect the self and value this human life, either man or women. In the east, we used to respect women with dignity until the missionary style came in and they published manusmrithi. Let’s see the best from the world and adopt it either food or respect. No one need to suffer in light, just understand and live in our essence 🙏🏻
Eat everything that you wish, by just understanding knowledge in food science and spiritual science and self-realization!

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