Republic Day Message – Body, Mind & Soul healing : Speak out your truth , Yes #India the king of spices , Ayurveda and we all are unique spiritual beings !

Jan 26, 2023

Dear community & friends (soul family)

Yes being an ancient soul , I believe that freedom is our birth right , same as the right to have mother’s attention and care essential during early period of life (cannot replace it with bottle feed or servant since character formation is the primary focus in India and mother is the first teacher . I am feeling so happy to be with my kids during their all stages of development and when I asked Krishna about the purpose , he only helped to start Gayathri Nutrisolutions in 2011 and as you know that it was a non – profit start up spent all money for the needy and later on , due to various struggles in life just made it available for the essential things . When husband passed away in 2016 we moved to a rented flat to learn different culture people and mingled with different socio economic background and awesome learning period . Even thought lived like a poor woman , we had enough and more wealth from ancestors and husband was the only child of his parents , who was born to a family of Travancore Ayurvedic physicians after 14yrs , and our married life was also 14yrs same as kananavasam 🙂

Yesterday while watching an old movie (to change the shift due to the intense shift of spiritual essence ) named ”Yodha” , usually my spirit guides Saptarishis- Buddha monks inspire to watch something , and its not easy to focus on it for long or talk or listen while moving in a specific direction . It reminds me , yes during college time friends used to call Madubala , some similarity with that actress and that story itself is showing how darkness is being removed with truth and light . Last month while being guided by Chaitanya of ISKCON , just watched his movie and she was his mother playing the role . Anyway movies and film songs which we feel connected to past life play with memories and meaning …. Being a very very old soul , I just feel like all women in all yugas are inside me and all songs and movies are connected to me . Maybe when Krishna and me are same twin soul , its his duty to protect or whenever he wants to clear darkness he attracted and clearing it from the roots .
Since we are in Satyuga , the golden energy of truth and light is shining brightly all over the planet really difficult for the darkness to show up once again and all new spiritual beings on earth are just to raise the frequency of love essence and save the planet and the beings on earth . The new gen religion of 1500-2000 yrs old can’t understand the meaning since they are here to just live for the body and acquire materials . Yes live and let live 🙏 go and play with similar tribe , so now our community is clearing and upgrading to only those who resonate with higher dimension knowledge and spirituality , yes diet for body , mind and soul . We have the library to read and hope that you read book which is available online and it is mentioned from real life experience how Tyroid dysfunction happens while not sharing our truth , yes truth of ourselves and this land which accepted all cultures and learned well ……

So each life experience is to take wisdom , shut the door and move forward and to understand who we are in essence its essential to know our past , our ancestors , truth of this land and how food is a Medicine , how to live with less harm to nature or its beings , how to purify our system and share love essence and kindness with multiverse .

As we discussed earlier , I just threw away the learned lessons , the trophies and materials collected and wondering how much learning and experience in different dimensions while worked with east and west , worked in rural and urban , multinational companies and hospitals , teaching in different institutions, higher studies and possibilities with art , craft , excellence in everything I touched , just happened because of his grace . So surrendering to him and meditating for hours chanting his name is the peace and comfort and communicate only to those who need the service . Due to the various shift all social media got deleted and such an intense energy to keep away from external sources .

Once again remembering the good works of my father , my first Guru and husband who tried to live in his own truth , a good teacher like King Ashoka (who established and helped Buddhism and the chanelling message is like ”all places with palli , for example Karunagapally , Mainagapally , Edapally etc were Buddist monasteries which got destroyed by Muslim Kings and why do we respect Tipusalthante kotta , instead see the immortal Hanuman who is here and killing or blocking truth was the old fashion phenomenon which still Kerala follows but each day sun rising proves it … like Rama , the soul of sita or Radha the soul of Krishna .

Being a medium and moving in higher dimension my eating habits also changes accordingly . Avoiding milk since no real milk is available in Kerala but some days food also limit while downloading of information was huge and clearing it takes hours . Sorry to say that , please avoid phone calls but write and we shall extend the session as it was suggested for those who already enrolled . There will be limited clients in coming years , since my body need more peace and meditation to ease the pain of past learning and clearing it .


Jaisreeradheradhegovind 🔥🔥💜♾

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