Realisation and focus on community need when Satyayuga begins.

Dec 13, 2021

Hello community, yesterday while meditating there was a shift in energy and path of various energies clearing off completely and decided to just share what exactly need and since we all were passing through various shifts mind Health was totally mixed and affected and now when new era or satyayuga begins from yesterday onwards there is more changes in each person and nature direct us to the new path. We just crossed path clearing ancestral patterns and to heal completely and forgiveness to self and people who got triggered by this intense energy shift and in our community as many clients are better now than last month and in last one week of clearing phase help to understand the mistakes and how so much collective energy cleared naturally.
There is only 1-2-1 sessions right now since each person is different and no one need such higher dimension spirituality since more light and peace . Just focus on the learning and heal within and we cannot help everyone but those who seek and just minimising the session to realise exactly what it is and how to move forward when everything is a mix right now.

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