Ramayana masam or Karkidakom Kerala rituals- Traditional Ayurveda and prayer

Jul 17, 2021

Karkidakom is the month we observe in Kerala as Ramayana masam with more prayer and traditional Ayurveda rituals and was just observing the life of past generations and taking the good from all sides of the world. Father in law passed away at his 90’s and they had their own family tradition and Ayurveda routine with food and nutritious meals at right time and time punctuality and rest with science and tradition that most of them follow here and maybe due to over stress and fear this generation is affected mostly.
Glad to be here in the land of Anandapadmanabhan during this utharayan when their time zone changes and he is resting in that position and can listen to the prayer we chant during Sandhya. Movement of Prana Sooryan from Pingala to Ida is called Uttarayanam. Prayer for the well being of all and since most of our community are here in Trivandrum and Kollam there will be consultation and follow ups as usual and we stopped it for a while due to the pandemic and energy shift and the consultation is limited to the immediate soul family and those who already joined since 2010 , who resonate well and there is no urgency to add more when nature plan everything and guiding towards the right direction and peace of mind is what matters to protect the energy and sharing with immediate soul family and more focus on soul contract and family karma clearing and supporting.
We all are learning from our own lessons and healing within supporting the self and remembering the essence and wishing the good for all concerned during this golden era of truth. Listen to the inner voice and the language of divine is the prayer or meditation 🧘‍♀️
So much love light peace and joy!

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