Quick Vegetarian Dinner for a healthy Body , happy Mind and soul 😊

Mar 02, 2023

Hello community ,

Hope you all are fine ? Just sharing a quick vegetarian dinner made within 15 minutes . As we discussed earlier , while doing Meditation our focus will be better and it was like earlier I used to spend hours thinking about what to cook and now everything finishes in minutes same as the book which I wrote published in one month .

It was chapatti and gobi curry with some green gram sprouts added in curd with other vegetables as raitha to get enough protein . This cauliflower curry was made with a gravy sautéed and grind two tomatoes , onion , garlic and then added coriander leaves and kasurimethi few cashews were also added to get a tasty mix . Added enough masala , salt and sugar to balance .

A balanced diet with enough fibre , complex carbohydrates, protein and vegetables provide nutrients for the day . If we miss skipping the combination for the day , focus on dinner to balance everything . Add enough veggies and green-leafy vegetables.

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