New era of change to focus on body, mind and soul – end of body shaming.

Oct 13, 2021

We all start our journey with what we learn and then evolve to who we are in essence and now in new earth and each one realising the truth within. The journey is different and the reason to learn and help ascension process.
We can see that anything that can stay now is the truth and earth itself upgrading its energy and thousands of years old memories. People who come here to experience life on earth added more and more harm in all layers questioning the universal truth and love essence and those who come to help clear are challenged themselves to raise the frequency and anything lowering the love energy is being cleared and each one is learning in their own way to sustain living and sustainable food nutrition .

This is the ultimate evolution as a human being that we are experiencing right now and how much time we spent on earth to realise this truth that we are just a spiritual being as human form and for my journey it was such a challenge to establish name as a Dietitian in 2010 and just for learning and experiencing soul choose different roles working in different varieties of job and various media , connected to rural and urban crowd to learn, to find real people…before going into the deeper spiritual journey and realising how much it help to heal, removing all karmic ties and to notice the different energies that we are connected to from many lives and stay detached to everything around , just move with what resonate and nature bringing higher dimension of consciousness to clear self!
Love light peace and joy ⚛️

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