Navarathri fasting 2021 in Kerala and how it is connected to science and spirituality and save food during pandemic.

Oct 08, 2021

Navarathri is the fasting rituals we followed in Kerala, South India and there are so many fasting for different culture and diversity in different parts of Kerala or home and nothing is strict here according to ancient tradition and it’s all about personal choices.
Fasting have its own benefits scientific as well as spiritual healing and to balance the hormones and emotions and unwanted growth of cells and we can understand the pain of people who is not having food to eat . Feel grateful for each moment on earth and the reason why we are here right now to support earth ascension.

These nine days of fasting include water fast or with fruits and vegetables (please read last year’s post for reference). Maybe these nine days are connected to 9 world or dimensions and now it is changing and spiritual experience and sharing in new era is different and trying to connect it with science and spirituality to help.
When earth surface clearing off all ancestral patterns of ignorance and inequalities and Navarathri is the worship of that divine feminine essence, the Queen of all universe and (new universe is forming now and to save Mother Earth )the one who balancing universal law. It is believed that when there was a constant fight between the male Gods of creation destruction and existence…she appeared and shared the ultimate truth through the vibration of sound. Each and every being on earth have a reason to experience their spiritual essence, clearing emotions and mind health by realising who we are inside and why we are here … we have learned through the stories of people in our community and clearing off anything that is lowering love and light…glad to note that thousands of people awakened during this lockdown in golden era . #morningvibes #diet #dietician #mindhealth #mystic #author #starseed

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