National Nutrition Week- September 1-7

Sep 02, 2021

National nutrition week is celebrating in India during the first week of September and in our community the focus is always on promoting local food and Ancient truth about thousands of years old food culture and tradition.
Main focus on earth ascension and humanity supporting with women and family bonding with nutritious homemade food and promoting kitchen gardening and easy to grow green with green gram , fenugreek and other seeds.

Bioavailability, low food wastage and economical, less time consuming cooking and all in one meals or kanji payar and leafy vegetables thoran for dinner which is economical and it is our choice to have a healthy balanced diet with 20rupee or 2000.

Free awareness programs and was a part of eliminating hunger by 2030 programs at school, due to the pandemic there is more access to home grown vegetables and cooking and in Kerala there are various programs to support home garden and haritam keralam is a program where saplings are given at low prices.

Diet and spiritual essence with ancient truth and modern knowledge about earth ascension and science with spirituality is essential to heal self and the planet.

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