Memories 3yrs back ~ process of understanding life and spiritual evolution. #science #mind

Feb 06, 2022

Reading and sharing these affirmations and memories 3yrs back.

I know that after so many years I choose this human life,which is to see truth and awakening the light of others 

I am confident and being guided towards truth 

I am strong and powerful

I boldly go after what I want in life and it’s for humanity and community 

I speak not only for me ,but thousands of souls who can’t share it 

I am outgoing and confident in social situations and my spiritual journey to light 

I believe in myself and my higher self 

I always stand up for myself and my beliefs and it benefits others too 

I confidently meet any challenge and my soul lessons are my strength 

I confidently speak my mind without hesitation

Others look up to me as a listener and supporting because of my compassion and kindness 

I feel confidence in trusting them for their highest good and I try my level best to support my community and I take care of myself 

I always express my thoughts and opinions with confidence

I see light inside my soul and grace with gratitude guiding me 

I know that my kindness and love heals others too and I give them all the positive energy until they pass through their difficulties.

I know well that being supportive means helping them to see their own light reflecting from the light and wisdom within and need to clear it daily with love within!

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