Masculine feminine polarity inside in energy healing with ancient truth

Aug 16, 2021

In the last few years of intense spiritual journey and clearing old patterns and many past life to reach the essence or to understand the soul purpose and mission on earth and helping community to heal self and realising their worth which is a part of earth ascension.

In the last few years of meeting spiritual scientists of east and west it is realising and experience is the best teacher and each soul knows how to heal itself.

Balancing of collective energy and major feminine muscular polarity in energy path which is healing asia and middle east according to spiritual scientists and metaphysical energy reading. Whoever meditating is getting balanced the two sides of human consciousness, left is connected to feminine and right side is connected to masculine. Without balancing that no one can start or reach their purpose or find similar around.
This is the ancient beliefs and they were living here and walked upon earth, the two life of feminine or rebirth process is the shifting of dimension from 3D consciousness to highlight truth. A period of ascending and descending to the ground level of 14 dimensions or more happening now and spiritual journey is not in a straight life but to know the essence and clearing patterns of past life, karmic people and patterns and until unless learn it keep on repeating and coming back to self worth and forgiveness or gratitude to find that truth is the final destination and major mission of healing.
So much love light peace and joy ⚛️💜☯️🧘‍♀️

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