Lockdown and eat right India movement by fssai – Can a magic pill or immunity booster help to prevent Corona?

Jul 10, 2020

As a nutritionist and Wellness coach, I get so many queries regarding immunity boosters daily and a lot of sales are going on in all areas due to COVID and people who don’t know anything about diet or local food and Nutrition is spreading all wrong news about immunity. Yesterday I had an interview regarding this topic in a leading newspaper.

This is what the Indian Standard of food promoted by fssai and all local food with different varieties and colors are good. There is no superfood or anything that spreads to prevent COVID is fake no immunity booster but maybe a balanced diet to choose local food from all food groups helps and a man-made virus which spread for destroying humanity is reflecting people to find the truth and the myth which was spreading to mask truth against diet and nutrition science and in every nutrition program we can find stalls with thousands of food including chakka manga tenga (in Kerala 😁)as a superfood but it has some effects if you include in a balanced diet that’s all. And mind or emotions and mental health issues are more now so stay at peace with what you have than believing these. People have the right to know the truth and they decide what is best and your life is your choice. This is just derived from the discussion with thought leaders and dietitians around the globe and from my own experience in the last 17yrs as a nutritionist practising in India and believing in the power of nature and natural food and meditation to heal!.

Go for a balanced diet plan that suits you and your family with available food source and income or personal preferences.

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