lifelessons and forgiveness to self and past for choosing the people and situations #familykarmaclearing #unconditionallove#energyhealing #earthascension

Jul 12, 2021

The spiritual leader Ram Dass once said, ‘If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family. ‘ and now maybe for months or years to support and understand and heal the base , mother wounds #innerchildhealing .

Nothing is in our control or this spiritual journey to choose situations and family to understand and too much sensitivity to energy and channelling messages, may be the master in other dimension sharing through us during meditating and it could be good and negative messages also fell into the system and it was a real burden of clearing and finding truth in different perspective being a medium. As always always consider for the highest good of all concerned even though different opinion, path or purpose on earth.

It was such a detachment phase of clearing and healing all past till 40yrs and all those who connected or helped clients too if they resonate and limited consultation due to too much meditating and healing within to clear inside.

Just thought of a complete detachment phase of moving away and at that moment nature created a situation to clear family karma and learning when father in law passed away and to know more or help heal and support, so from higher dimension of consciousness in silence coming back to 3D reality of consciousness where all healing takes place. Maybe each and everyone is correct in their own way of parenting and experience of last generations and especially when they conceived a child after so many years and he was their only child, more of lower emotions in a big family of so many supporting soul group and now trying to understand each one and clearing with unconditional love essence and meditating forgiving the past .

That picture is a 20yrs old memory, bonsai planted after our marriage , father in law was a nature lover and more into gardening and now it is here , even though a person completed his life mission on earth to other layers , the love we give to nature, plants, and mother land or Mother Earth exist and do what makes the soul happy. The only competition and learning is with soul and as always nature guide towards truth.

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