Krishna the eternal lover and guide of my inner child- the magician and fun loving avatar:)

Aug 29, 2021

Today is #ashtamirohini Krishnas birthday and he is considered as a poorna avatar of Vishnu.He came during Dwaparayuga with a different mission than Rama of Tretayuga. When did this krishna came into my heart… I used to ask this question when life itself is moving with different twists and in the hands of divine. As always I never planned anything but he who guided in the right direction and spirituality is all about the love essence inside our pure consciousness and heart .

In higher dimension of consciousness and connected to ultimate truth and the ruler of this universe and each planet and the reason to experience or share the experience and respect to each one and their beliefs to reach the same, we all choose different lessons and path but reach the same place , depending on our own past karma clearing. Each fasting and prayer is just to clear our own dense energy.

When I was born, my parents had a peaceful life and they spent lots of time with me and until unless we moved to joined family everything changed and siblings with lots of stress to manage various things. My parents used to say, I used to say some sounds gibberish language “kilikilu”and friendly to all which made them call Kingini, as my pet name. Actually I forgot that name after my marriage. Kingini word means golden hip chain of Krishna which makes sound. That name was chosen by a famous film director Rajeev Anjal who was there with father for a short period as a friend or spiritual and art discussion and father was working as a Veterinarian at a forest land named Kulathupuzha in Kerala.
Later while mingling with a family friend, Krishna devotee, when I was 10yrs just heard more about Krishna and that lady whom I add mother to her name gave an idol. But I didn’t understand any connection. Later more into gayathri mantra chanting and various spiritual practices and every full moon influenced my emotions and mind, yes that is Krishna.

When life was moving with so much stress and difficulty another family and people came and we visited Guruvayur and it changed life with full of happiness and joy inside and lots of blessings while connected to people, devotees of Krishna who helped and understand each other.When kids were born and such fun loving energies I remembered it’s Krishna and motherhood of love essence.

In 2010 when we started this community formed by a set of universal plan to share the emotions and diet and to connect with soul group of people from different parts and everything was just love and the reason why many clients give krishna idol as gifts.
Another event made me to connect to Vrindavan when unexpected meetings with a distant relative who handed over a small krishna and kids were connected to it , later while going to another direction of western spirituality again krishna appeared in the form of a master from Himalayas and she invited to her house and that house was full of Krishna Meera and so many flashes of experience and similarities or something was guiding. She felt so much connected to me and kids and said, she was Urmila in her last birth and her support made me to write book and gave a copy to Agriculture minister even though I was not connected to any, everything was planned by some forces above and grateful . She hold my hand and said, unconditional love is what we teach in India and feminine energy is so weak, so teach them meditation and improve the love essence. There are Rishika in all directions, same as Rishi and spiritual masters and divine energies are supporting our nation and whole earth itself. All our prayers are to support and heal the planet, even though this truth is misunderstood by people around but still we pray to divine to make each one realise that essence. Maybe what I am doing here is just a small amount of help to those who approach but as many masters and newly awakened feminine all over the planet helping each one to ascend and see the truth inside. If they receive some unconditional love, no one will fight,yes due to the fear and confusion they are reacting like this but everything will be better soon, wish to.

When ever I tried to learn other consciousness of Buddha or Christ or various other modalities and what nature teaching, there comes a block and pain which shows something is wrong. Suddenly another woman appeared in temple and said, believe in the land and it’s truth and the reason you choose here than following something else which cannot stay longer since truth and light of each place is coming up and no one can block human consciousness with lies anymore. Maybe the new generation have that divine essence inside and they all are pure souls of same divine we pray.

Inner child healing which is connected to Krishna or any spiritual master go through their childhood memories to clear and heal what it is all about before reaching the past life and the karma and the reason to get attracted to certain places, people and the reason to teach unconditional love and golden era or satyayuga is all about the innocence of a child. Pure souls of joy and peace started walking upon the planet and more and more golden energy of ascension and higher chakra activating and when heart is opened then it’s easy to reach that supreme consciousness. Only love can heal this planet, separation is not the language of soul or heart but what we are connected to, the energies of different beings and system and when this whole universe and creation itself is an illusion or maya, no one is superior or inferior. Finding the brahmam or God inside connecting to the real source of light or central sun, Rama the sun God Krishna the Moon and everything in ancient wisdom is connected to nature. Let’s walk and learn in your own way, everything is perfect and our soul knows it !😊

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