Kerala piravi day – Nutrition , Kerala food and costumes

Nov 01, 2022

We all celebrate the birth of Kerala or Kerala piravi today on Nov 1 . It came into being on 1956 and before that it was divided into different areas like Malabar , Travancore etc . Since Kerala was born by Parasurama, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu it is also called as ”gods own country “ . When you travel to other parts of India especially South India, one can suddenly notice this place of better cleanliness and blessed with nature and keram means full of coconut tress . Each and every celebration is connected to our traditional costume of mundu and kerala saree which is odd white in colour and the nutritious kerala food is being served on this day , similar to onam . Hope you read the nutrition of kerala sadya and it is a balanced diet make with different food groups and flavours . Once in a while the weight watchers can have a feast with right proportion .

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