Kerala food in coastal regions with jaggery and banana leaf and they are not diabetic or healthy even in 80’ or 90’ – case study

Aug 02, 2021

Food prepare and steamed in banana leaves have its own unique nutrients since ages and both vegetarian or non vegetarian preparations are made in this way. Mostly in coastal region the Ayurveda include both in Kerala and it is having their own research and wisdom of generations to get nutrients and rejuvanation. Breakfast items prepared in steamed pot with wheat or rice with jaggery and coconut is the breakfast most days during childhood and it is such a happiness and joy for most child and good for sweet tooth. Just observing the 80’s and 90’s year old here still having all the sweets and food habits which is according to the personal choices and more rest and happiness living without any diabetes or illness still. The community life of people and habits known to them still continue and lot of people who know them from childhood onwards and each house is known by their name and people supporting and caring each other is the secret of healthy life and take the good from what we resonate and from unique life experience. Be your own master and healer when everything is happening according to a plan our own soul set with soul group to teach and learn to get wisdom and our soul knows well what direction to follow and whatever that no longer support in the journey gradually erase itself from the path. Nature is the ultimate guide and healer and each and everyone is special in their own way.

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