Jackfruit myth and fact- go for seasonal real fruits #localfoodsupport

Aug 18, 2021

Chakka manga tenga anything in excessive amount may harm but any seasonal fruits, which is nature providing, low cost and better nutrition and may be if healthy and no other issues or Pottassium restrictions or diabetes or any other conditions which need to monitor the overall daily needs, otherwise an excess amount of chakka or manga and its yellow pigment is connected to vitamin A and to store more fat soluble vitamins or minerals and body utilities it later. Wondering how much amount of these fruits we consumed earlier without limits and last generations, but they worked a lot and while connected to nature, no diseases and now we are living in four walls which restrict the earth energy flow and meditating is the only way. Share your thoughts in comments 😊

Love light peace and joy 

Gayathri ⚛️☯️😊

#jackfruitnutrition #localfoodmovement #keralagodsowncountry #seasonalfruit #nature 

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