India healing her wounds of 75years and more – Spiritual enlightenment and new skills with thousands of years old wisdom

Aug 15, 2021

As always listening to national anthem gives such a goosebumps and so much proud to be here , in this land of character wisdom and spiritual essence. When people try to add material and money and the truth of this land is diminishing by selfish motives and human brain and corporate network and media erased the essence and pure consciousness or simple truth about food and nutrition and thousands of years old wisdom is just being ignored with the logic brain and the education to promote something else than the love for motherland, it’s such a pain and this spiritual journey or Starseed mission to protect and bring back the essence clearing generations of programs and pain and ancestral program, many of us are healing in layers knowingly or unknowingly.

Being in this path as a dietitian or the whole journey of soul to understand the entire nation and how it is affected energetically and how to clear emotions and better mental health, the only way that nature guiding is to make them aware of their own unique essence and divine truth than following or blindly doing the rituals.

Even though education level is higher and that education based on sales to make people move away from their own home and mother land to acquire wealth, what is the point in living a life without love and home and thousands of clients working abroad and in various sector running to attain something, just understanding now that what they lost is the warmth and unconditional love essence than just material or the spiritual truth of love is blocking by lack and fear with guilt and shame.

Being here in this land of wealth, wisdom, psychic abilities and much more the nature always support each and everyone and even during the pandemic we can see that how beautifully nature bringing families and communities together and kids are with their parents. Mother’s love is more important and she is the first teacher and after gaining lots of logic and education we just forget the basics of life and the last generations suffering with lots of pain due to the lack of attention. Maybe each person is passing through various problems but feel grateful for what you have today and share energy with those who resonate with your ideas and wisdom.
Emotional eating and Mental health or relationship problems were growing and since last few years our community is seeking help and mentoring to heal all layers. Many of them healed completely and remembering the reasons why they choose this life and the hidden skills of many life through meditating and the block in each chakra is clearing up and we are connected to higher world of satyayuga or golden era of truth. Darker world, as we mentioned in our ancient tradition is being crumbling down and all the manipulation and dark energy is being cleared out since more people realise and consciousness of the people changing this nation and world itself. Our prayers are for the world and we know how each planet and layers are being monitored or controlled by that one divine truth and essence we are believing in India from thousands of years. In the last 2000 years we heard lots about others wisdom and even though people got changed their beliefs and truth to match with something else, each and every soul have that essence of wisdom and truth inside. “Money may come and go but character cannot, it takes a life time to know that spiritual essence inside “

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