How pandemic changes the food culture collective energy and overall changes in Travancore region- Kerala

Aug 22, 2021

In this path of energy shift and today is full moon with lots of clearing happening all over and each person is realising what exactly their true self is searching for or who we are in essence. When we come here on earth, our soul journey which is already planned and designed in such a way to go through the spiral way of learning clearing and the patterns of past life or from childhood onwards, when each and every soul shock matters, especially in this path of Starseed avatar mission for those who are here to help heal planet and everyone around. There is an old proverb “ share knowledge with those who resonate or ready or those old souls who are here to help ascend and bringing back peace and love “ but without realising that or we have no idea who is going to ascend so quickly, especially now in pandemic many of them realising their true potential and divine essence or the possibility nature installed just to start the journey and it can help heal others too .

Actually we are unique with our own abilities and here in India, by realising the ancient truth and the generations of wisdom from an ancient culture have its own qualities. While sitting in meditation in last one year in a fast growing city of business and so much competition without realising that each one is unique, the fear of religion, groups and their trauma or the prayer from lack created such a conflicting energies to the energy field ,while exploring higher dimension there is a thought to help each one and later understood that they are not ready yet. Even in corporate session talks , where human mind is moulded in a way of logic and sales where spirituality and nutrition is just some product for them , but few of them who is trying to understand themselves and mentoring sessions helped to heal self. There was a lot of free sessions for meditation and diet in rural and urban areas to spread the knowledge in the beginning and rural crowd of those who understand the simple truth about nature is getting benefits and they are changing.

while moving to home town or Travancore where more of Indian truth is being followed and of similar vibes or people of different religion cooperative and understanding each other than creating problems much out of ignorance. Maybe in life when we meet such refined groups of people from a large community of trust made by parents, we think everyone is like that. But experience is everything and the spiritual guides are always around who can see and communicate or they will perform their duty and allow only pure unconditional supporting energies to come closer and the whole mission is to spread that light.

while doing the Onam shopping one of my cousin who came from abroad said “ chechi how difficult for me to buy things when people living here are getting a lot of support and loans and they are spending lakhs “ I just felt happy that people evolving and let everything will be available for everyone and more support and trust may help and the wealth of Travancore or each home with land itself is enough to live and their life is not affected by pandemic or more home grown vegetables and less living cost and more prayer to nature is helping them.

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