How Meditating helps cure Emotional Eating Disorders / Obesity ?

Mar 06, 2023

Dear community,

Since 2011 we were finding solutions for health and we know that we are not only this body or mind , but something above which we call or understand as Soul , and 2023 onwards its more specific . When more people understand it now since we are moving in a new era of change , most of them are evolved with our Meditation and solutions for Mind and Food Science with Spiritual Science always helps.

Our body is a temple whenever we are in pure essence of love and our intentions are pure ,by communication to our similar brings we understand our body , mind and soul which knows how to heal itself while we sit in silence clearing the energies, anything other than pure love essence . That child like innocence is Krishna , which resides inside our pure heart . Nothing can pollute our soul or destroy it and it knows how to guide us , clearing karmic loops .

So much love , light, peace and joy. 😊Tomorrow evening as usual we have full moon energy clearing Meditation with flute music and chanelling at 9-9.30 pm

Sarvamkrishnarpanamastu Jaisreeradheradhegovind

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