How Covid changes eating habits of future citizens of India – IndianExpress Interview

Apr 05, 2023

Few weeks back there was an interview with Indian express reporter . Whenever they write an article about Nutrition , they come and discuss to collect the information .

Yes Covid changes each one of us and our eating habits also changes . In the case of adolescents there was a drastic change in food habit and undernourished individuals are more than the earlier reports. From three plus two meals , they changed it to two meal patterns since their sleeping patterns changed and most of them wake up by noon, whenever there is no class or skipping meals become easier now . Due to the less intake of calories and other nutrients they become thin or in some cases excess body fat and we cannot recognise them after covid period . Clients who register for weight gain also increases. Giving proper awareness is the only way to make them understand through various methods . Sustainable solutions is all about supporting local food stuff and better healthy options at nearby shops of education institutions .

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