How ancient Indian music during Navarathri helping to heal women emotions and mind health- case study.

Oct 11, 2021

Everything happening according to a reason for the highest good of all and Carnatic music and a teacher came to me few years ago when I was passing through a difficult phase of life after unexpected events in family which made me think that it is not only about food but something else to heal and started the spiritual journey of healing mind and emotions and our community also evolved . Maybe now after the pandemic situation everyone can understand what solitude or how divine is handling things but at that time few people around could understand and the lessons learned while standing strong is the wisdom sharing here and helping clients to heal while mentoring and to heal each layers through various methods.

It was a real happiness to be reconnected with the music teacher and the group during Navarathri festival to share the energy of devotion and love to God , and when my teacher gave me the song “sharanam cheyvin krishnapadam….sada…bandunamukkathuthan”the thoughts of right meaning and surrendering happened and it was Sri Venkadakeshwara temple. Visit to Kalady was also unexpected to meet the shandaswaroopam of Sharadamma and her pure knowledge. While visiting a friend and Ayurveda doctor who is connected to the rituals and she shared the scientific reasons of rangoli, Shankaracharya and how he is connecting entire world through advaitam and respecting feminine essence of universe.
During the evening session of music in another place it was a real surprise to note the clients who joined with the music earlier and the difference after one year. According to personal experience and clients experience to heal emotional eating and the reason why we added a healing space and movement space online earlier and each person have their own unique way of healing through various methods and by just listening to them itself is helping them to reach right purpose. Now in new era and new earth it’s science and spirituality and profession with passion that helps.

Most of the knowledge is shared here and if you are looking for an individual and group mentoring for diet and mind health just message to

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