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Feb 22, 2021

Dear community, so happy to share this review we received from a person who can’t share his name due to the position he holds in profession and in the last 6-7 months was really a transformation period for many and those who joined to understand their spiritual essence and soul purpose which is healing from illness and generations of trauma or emotions which was not understood during the process of studying and our education system or community and religious guidelines are to understand others and suffer silently than knowing what is happening inside. When each one of us are different in what we think feel and the emotions or the purpose, 6 months one to one mentoring is healing in layers and let’s evolve with science and spirituality in new earth with more smiles and happy family and the rainbow kids of joy.

Love light peace and joy
Gayathri ☯️⚛️🧘‍♀️@gayathrinutrisolutions
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