Golden era of truth and light at golden temple, karma to support home land and it’s the land of Vishnu – 16th century truth

Aug 12, 2021

Spiritual journey, spirit guides ancient truth 13-16th century same as many temple in Kerala or India. In this journey of learning and understanding according to the energy and soul supporting to know and understanding different culture and coming back to the truth inside and the home. There is a time for everything and universal energy guide and yesterday visited Parasurama temple of 13th century, my spirit guides who always stay and share knowledge and Hanuman always stay here connected and supporting. These are the immortal masters who is here and from Tretayuga they support the land God’s own country sharing their love and dedication to establish drama and now chanting their name itself is soothing to mind.

Here in our community, our focus is based on food and nutrition science and planet ascension or how to take the goodness of our ancient culture to calm mind and emotions which is truly important and the reason why this month calendar was set to focus on Ramayana month rituals and the research shows that women emotions and mind health is getting better after few days of following the prayer. Yes each person have their own beliefs and each one is a unique essence inside the soul. Find the truth and spiritual essence that is the ultimate purpose on earth.

In this spiritual journey understanding world and multiverse travelling in higher dimension and understanding the 14 world as mentioned through meditating and energies supporting and moving to this part of Kerala to clear the karma and purification of family energies and more connected to majority of people who chant Rama, the first avatar since time immemorial and thousands of years old ancient truth which got masked or people and their mind was not ready to understand this simple essence or higher dimension reality, that we shared through different medium to support humanity from different parts of planet earth and the Starseed mission to help ascension process clearing the past.

Visiting Trivandrum after a while, the word Thiruvananthapuram means the city of Lord Vishnu and the golden rays of light we can feel here which is same as Buddha idol or is it the same? Ananthashayanam and utharayana period to connect to that ultimate energy and each being is connected to that portal now. Just listen to your soul and heart guidance.

Since last few years just canceled all corporate programs at Trivandrum due to the energy here and now everything become neutralised and the tone of people and their energies are changing to love and understanding and due to the spiritual essence this month Covid cases come down at this part of Kerala and just wish that everything will be better and nature itself will find its way. Maybe Kerala will be the last to ascend due to the manipulation and ignorance of spiritual truth or respect to other beings or women, even though literacy rate is higher. Lot of political and religious manipulation going on but each and everyone who visit this ancient truth and finding divine essence will understand self and life as a whole and earth ascension too . No one can take away our ancient food culture, njattuvela or the simple spiritual essence in each gene, whoever born here are very old soul even though few can understand it.

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