Golden era of truth and light- ancient Indian/Kerala wisdom – Kerala monsoon and Sun God #ramayanachanting

Jul 28, 2021

When everything is energy and light of truth is being discussed here in golden era of ancient wisdom and Indian truth, yes the places we chant his name Rama ; the sun or the light the ultimate truth and Tretayuga with thousands of years old tradition in this land including the naga temples and many knowledge is passed from nagaloka and not sure when each morning and each meditation is with full of downloads and information about it…

Yes in Trivandrum the place where I live it is full of sunlight mostly and maybe the nearest place is in rain due to monsoon or is it just something like energy is converted to matter and sun appeared when thousands of mantras being chanting in his name and gayathri mantra as always. Let the light always shine brighter than ever to support the humanity and those who not resist to accept the truth it is available. Just meditate and connect to the ultimate truth and light and each person have their own journey and everything is perfect. We all are just particles of that one truth of divine essence and consciousness with unconditional love essence.

So much love light peace and joy 😊☯️⚛️🍀🌞🔆

#sungod #ramayanamasam #keralarituals #ramaavatar #ancientindianwisdom #unconditionallove #truth #tretayuga #planetearth 

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