Go for local low cost millets from India – its thousands of years old foods by Rishis #AncientIndianTruth

Jan 10, 2023

Dear community,

Its says today it is #internationalyearformillets , but yesterday someone told me to cook some millets vegetables upuma for lunch After so many months or years after the departure of my husband (was a good teacher of opposite polarity ) and father, both of them was sudden which made me understand the meaning of life and death ( was learning Kadopanishad – secrets of death at that time ) and it made me realised that its not only food but the daily stress and people we involve are also energy exchange same as the way we connect to nature …. yes of course after that I started intense penance and moving in this spiritual path and reaching true essence of pure love and joy with the presence and guidance of my little Krishna and Rama , the soul guide … the sun! the light that attract all darkness , to help karma clear of our past life story . As it was mentioned in the last video

it was such a difficult journey . From Krishna , my twin soul it started to unlearn past energy frequencies of past life amd in Kerala , I met most of them in Ravana sena which try to poisoned me with sathanic rituals of Christ and Islam or Kaliworship of lower dimension . They send it through food , wine and prasadom , so my pure essence of love got polluted with sathanic energy and I started writing about christ , tried to help them help through inner child healing and it made them irritated . The collective message which I got during that period of 2020 was the golden era or its satyuga for those live in truth and light and many ancient souls in our community and India are here tp raise love energy frequency . This is the changes happening in Kerala now , the place of manipulations over a period of 2000 years and we cleared it . Hope you watched it last year

I just feel compassion and kindness for those unrealised souls who can’t see body mind and soul and most of them in our community are of evolving or already evolved and enlightened years ago . Watch past videos about the new era , of change and only those of pure essence may stay here with us . No more lessons to be learned and 2023 is all about body , mind and soul healing past karmic energy and here , specialised on #emotionaleatingdisorders which is connected to past life energy and emotions which is easy to be cleared with Meditation of pure love and peace . This is the food for body mind and soul

and we have library , music , chants etc to help heal as mind and soul food , in our healing space .

Golden era or #Satyuga (an early phase even though in Vedas it will take time but a fabulous period of change and truth is mentioned ) Watch this video about satyuga it was a chanelling message by Himalayan Masters who were guiding at that time.

As it is mentioned here by 2022 , so many people awakened to their true essence of love .

Millets are truly nutritious and was part of our diet . During vedic period , and it is mentioned in Ramayana or Mahabharatha . Hope you watched the awakening Tretayuga video which was around 13 lakhs years ago

and who ever reading this post is very very old soul , otherwise we don meet here . During my past lives and experiences and met most of them in Tretayuga , some of them was confused as Rama but more of lower frequency energies and now meeting soul group of dwaparayuga which is pleasant and 5000 years ago Sri Radhe and Sri Krishna came , after this death this Kaliyuga started and people got confused with Maya . The same truth of ancient India was spread to west and it again came back as old wine in new bottles to confuse people and convert them to another religion , to understand their own fooloshness who left the one and only spreme truth and love Vishnu .

Millets Nutrition – Yes this picture is all about the food I prepared yesterday and it is rich in protein , vitamin and minerals an ideal food for vegetarians . As you know that during each shift of learning my food habits varied and there was no food at all for a period of time and now come back to lactobegetarianism with my Krishna and its fully peaceful while cooking and praying with Ramaconciousness or krishna essence and feed them first before having it as prasadom . Yes its of personal choice and I just write what I practice in each time or learning through clients stories from different parts of the world .

In 2020, there was a seminar on Millets and what they told was right , since it is to promote and market wheat products the importantce of ancient food like our kanji payar or millets got deleted with Maya. And their comes all non vegetarian options and the keto diet , which is unethical for the universe or humanity. In Hinduism , no one harm others or try to overpower or disturb the nature or people but we protect and pray to tress and everything in nature . Hope you read about the Banyan tree in Twitter


Just go for the local varieties of millets than the imported quinoa, which is of low cost and nutritious . There is no superfood even though millets are considered as superfood . Just watch what is a balanced diet and add food from different food groups .




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