Eat right but each person is different- experiments with fasting/discussion with Club FM

Feb 09, 2022

As I shared earlier posts about personal experience in spiritual journey and fasting without food or water for days and weeks during December 2021 , today’s discussion with Club FM RJ about how food impact (when person named Babu got stuck and Navy rescue)and how long we can fast or it’s different methods for each person since we are different in perception, body mind and soul in different dimension of consciousness.

During this journey of learning and understanding life with Diet and Mind Health there were many, especially during the pandemic their patterns of food habits change and we cannot suggest or experiment with out proper knowledge. Any Physician or Dietician who work with hospitals have the research based approach of balanced diet that we usually recommend but now since body rejects various food, myself being more keen towards understanding the dimension of food and trying to build gap between science and spirituality.
Since Meditation for hours give such good prana and our mind process everything differently especially during adventurous journey and knowing one’s own self.

Consult with experienced people in different areas before doing anything connected to body and mind and in our community we have different options and self reflection is everything and we are learning each moment.

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