Earth ascension less food wastage local food support and food security:feel grateful for each grain we have today and be thankful for the farmers

Oct 29, 2021

Being a dietitian and supporting earth ascension for the highest good of all, the greatest concern was all about the food and when our food chain is affected and more people moving towards lack of food and mental health support and overall well-being is connected to everything nourishing all levels.

As we have discussed earlier everyone cannot support but we can do it with simple thoughts of how we want our planet to be and less food wastage with better understanding of the basic nutrition and balanced diet with available energy sources protein and other nutrients but each one of us passing through various shifts and our body mind and soul healing or clearing up is happening now based upon the reason why we choose to be here during this pandemic and new era .

Farmers and their emotions or energy matters and how we cook food and from where it is coming from. In our community many programs to support kitchen garden and as many professionals moving back to their home and farm to start agriculture just for their own healing and connecting to nature.
It was such a happiness to see that streets are changing to local food and agriculture support which we can see more in Kerala or as many places where families and women supporting to nourish and even though a person come with out money they are supporting them. While travelling we just found that, in some shops they are giving fruits for free to patients suffering from chronic illness. People started supporting each other and many junk food shops are changing to natural food shops and even restaurants with the concept of food security/ farm to fork or hand:) which is good for eating and activates the pressure points or we are aware of what we eat than sitting in front of screen and eating with mechanical attention and not even aware of what we eat or how much.

The next shift of earth ascension is to balance and an intense way of understanding how less we need to survive and how beautifully earth is moving with abundance and the lack creating from the fear is blocking everything. Just remember who we are and what we can do either by meditating and healing self and thus healing the nature and earth itself. We all are connecting through the emotions that we produce and peace, love and abundance starting from our mind and what we focus to support each other as a mission on earth. At the end we just remember the moments that we spent here on earth and cannot take any material that we acquire but when more people are moving in peace and enlightenment it helps.

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