Can we have normal family diet – Kerala Food Culture and maintain weight? : Weight Loss – Myth and Truth  

Dec 07, 2022

Can we have normal family diet – #KeralaFood Culture and maintain weight? : This is commonly asked questions while thinking of meeting a #dietitian to support the #weightlossjourney . Let’s understand #WeightLoss Myth and Truth , while discussing with our community or for many #nutrition or #diet means some products than actual food .

Answer is to ha a normal balanced diet suitable for each one and we have different need based upon various conditions and metabolism . The first one hour of consultation will cover the basic questions and root causes behind eating disorders and how our body , mind and emotions or thoughts are connected to what we choose to eat snd how we handle stress . Stress and sleep hours are also equally important as the food and water intake .

There are various involuntary activities going on in our system even if we sleep. To get enough energy for such activities , there is a minimum energy requirement and each nutrient have its own role . When we choose different food groups ,locally available and process it in a way , it benefit the person who follow the diet and the whole family when portion sizes and requirements may vary accordingly.

Commonly asked question is all about the fat and carbohydrates and our matta rice and complex carbohydrates in dosa , iddli, puttu are all good and need to choose accordingly and carbohydrates are the energy for our nervous system . Essential fat is not synthesised since we need it daily.

Myths and facts about oil….any oil in excess is not good for health…many people using a lot of olive oil daily..even if it is olive or coconut…use only 3ts…even if you have cholestrol,you should use 3tsp daily,as it helps in the absorption n transport of fat soluble vitamins…

so use a mix of oil,like for 1ts coconut,1tsp sunflower,1tsp olive…or use mixed oils(e.g saffola gold,saffola active etc) you get all the benefits from a single oil..

Coconut oil contain MCT(medium chain triglycerides), as the metabolisom is different from long chain triglycerides,it is can be effectively used for conditions like pancreatitis,liver problems

So each meal should contain a mix of carbohydrates, protein ,vegetables and daily requirements of milk or milk products to get enough probiotics and digestion or absorption is also equally important .

To know your daily requirement and to manage weight ,message and request a online or direct consultation in kerala .


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