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Feeling grateful to share this with the community and well wishers. As you know that being here in the last 10 years and many of us evolved in the areas according to the purpose.

Even though joined for diet or weight management program, the healing path helped to know and understanding the creativity. As I mentioned earlier, I just wished to join fine arts to be an artist but my father told to choose this subject first and later I can join art but marriage and kids and work patterns frequent changes in energy and life events and I never felt anywhere as my home even though we stayed in 3 houses earlier and there was no input according to my mind or imagination. When this healing space and meditation hall constructed and now sitting there daily for meditating, I feel good and colourful as it is helping others too .
I remember from childhood onwards I used to draw the picture of a home and I remember a gift father gave during my college time “A women’s occupation and her mission is to have a home other than her father’s and knit with dearer ties “ 🏡 Don’t know if it is the reason why I never go back to the house even though passed through various challenges in life , in a way that wisdom and life experience helping to heal my community and it’s all about the love support and understanding and finding our own unique essence and path.
Love light peace and joy Gayathri 💓☯️⚛️

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