Daily Meditation to improve Mind Health

Jun 27, 2021 00:00:00 - 22:00:00

Our daily meditation is helping to heal all areas and a period of silence ,away from social media giving better insight into the light and better consciousness . As always ,even tough so much dirt and dense energy affect ,as in the case of pandemic and various issues, its always reminding us to go within to find solution and bloom our own essence and love . Lotus is a flower which grow in the dirt but it blooms when the sun ray touches its essence and that’s the reason why all God and Goddesses have this lotus in their hand and it represents abundance, spiritual essence and upgrading to higher levels of consciousness .When we forgive our own self and all the situations came in this path to take wisdom and bless them too to find their better self and unconditional love and that is the ultimate purpose on earth especially now in earth ascension . Lets wish for the highest good of all concerned and planet earth .

Love light peace and joy


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