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lockdown and eat right India movement by fssai -Is magic pill or immunity booster help to prevent Corona

There are so many queries regarding immunity boosters daily and a lot of sales are going on in all areas due to COVID and people who don’t know anything about diet or local food and Nutrition is spreading all wrong news about immunity. Yesterday I had an interview regarding this topic in a leading newspaper.

This is what the Indian Standard of food promoted by fssai and all local food with different varieties and colors are good. There is no superfood or anything that spreads to prevent COVID is fake no immunity booster but maybe a balanced diet to choose local food from all food groups helps and a man-made virus which spread for destroying humanity is reflecting people to find the truth and the myth which was spreading to mask truth against diet and nutrition science and in every nutrition program we can find stalls with thousands of food including chakka manga tenga (in Kerala 😁)as a superfood but it has some effects if you include in a balanced diet that’s all. And mind or emotions and mental health issues are more now so stay at peace with what you have than believing these. People have the right to know the truth and they decide what is best and your life is your choice. This is just derived from the discussion with thought leaders and dietitians around the globe and from my own experience in the last 17yrs and believing in the power of nature and natural food and meditation to heal!.

Go for a balanced diet plan that suits you and your family with available food source and income or personal preferences.

Jul 10, 2020

Lock down Obesity and Emotional Eating

“Lock down is a period of self realisation and due to various reason and financial instability many of my clients are worried and from different parts of the world they all are connected through our Nutrisolutios Global Community social media platform and one – to – one communication are helping them to come out of the trauma and it is really affecting the mind, body,emotions as well as the thought process .In order to support community and the movement started earlier to uplift mind ,started worldwide meditation 2020 program and we are connecting twice daily through group meditation .

Nutrition is the science of food and it is also connected to the wellbeing of our emotions and the approach of dietician in understanding the situation as well as the food culture ,personal preference or religious belief especially in a country like India or abroad ,were  we do a lot of rituals or social functions which is also connected to food habits . Now due to Ramadan many of them are into deep meditation and intermittent fasting and it is purifying the mind and even the emotions. Food play a major role in mental health and stability and the nutrients in a balanced diet help and water play a major role in brain health and our body is more of water . There is no super food or immunity boosters but your own daily nourishment from local available sources and a customised plan with right motivation shows more results than reading lot of nutrition tips and applying everything.

E-motions are energy in motion and it has a major role in affecting the body and mind .Stress is a part of modern world were each one is running for something like others around them and few minutes of meditation actually helping my clients to find the root causes that they are affected and food is not the only source of energy but the suggestion we give to our own self .When we are relaxed and with more universal energy from meditation it is clearing all the blockages of life and new opportunities enter into the life ,so this period is really important to understand the true purpose .I always feel so much happiness for this  passion in creating awareness on healthy eating and local low cost food and the transformation it brings in people ,their emotions and relationship. Writing down all emotions and some tips to save energy for the day make you feel more with and self love which is the opposite of anxiety and fear .When we are in fear we create a lower vibration energy .Always remember that world food chain is affected according to WHO and remember the chances of starvation when you feel like to over eat .May be our ancestors faced more of these pain and starvation which made us to store more fat percentage and more chances of obesity in our gene and some studies shows that Asians have more chances and our body type or mind set is different and we cannot take world standard in the case of obesity since there are so many factors which is correlated to weight gain and the approach towards the problem .

“Gayathri I am really happy for you and all your advice which is helping me a lot during lock down to overcome stress and living within my budget but with all daily needs of nutrients and now I am surprised to note that this diet is  not only for weight loss but for a better nutrition support for my family and easy cooking recipe eating everything that I love without guilt and each followup with your personal attention is helping me to get more energy and hope to reach my target of 10kg weight loss in just 90days and it is sustainable too since my friends suggested your program and community support” ,this is the feedback from a client and many of them are remembering their hidden skills and new passion for their life of peace and joy.

Hope for the best and we all are connected ,you are not alone . Just hug your inner self and say that this is the best period in your life to understand the reality how much you need in your life and a period of shift in consciousness and more gratitude to planet earth for providing all food, water,air ,sunlight ad everything we need but we try to replace it with artificial sources and the trap of listening to too much information than the truth which helps you to connect and sustain.

love light peace & joy


Apr 26, 2020