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Onam Sadhya -Nutrition Science and Local food promotion Kerala

Onam is an auspicious celebration for Kerala and Malayalis around the globe celebrate this festival in a traditional way with a lot of food and celebrations with abundance and so much connected to nature. In 2020 when I think it is the point of view of earth ascension and changes, and after lockdown people got more chances to connect with the truth inside. Whatever be the story behind Onam or the last wish of Mahabali, it is easier to understand that that period of transparency and truth was in a fifth or higher dimension, or a heaven on earth was everyone got jealous of it and could be the next yuga after Kaliyuga will be like that. Let’s evolve together with our own understanding and I hope that our daily community meditation is helping clients to clear their mind and emotions with discussion and that unity itself is helping each other with overall wellness. Wishing you all a very happy Onam, let’s enjoy with family and friends . Each moment in life is important and be grateful for what you have today.

Onam sadhya (Food that served in plantain leaves),  is special, which consists of more than 8 dishes including payasam. Want to know more about Onam-nutrition?

All the dishes are served with rice. Brown rice is better than white rice because it contains enough B-complex vitamins and fiber whereas white rice is polished.
1.Aviyal: Aviyal is a vegetable curry made from all sorts of authentic vegetables available in the season. In some parts of Kerala, the curd is added. It gives enough vitamins and minerals, fiber including protein(from curd).

2.Sambar: Any South Indian Celebration is incomplete without a Sambar especially an Onam feast. Sambar is prepared in different ways using authentic vegetables, dal, and coconut. So it gives enough protein from dals, minerals, vitamins, and MCT(medium-chain triglycerides) from coconut and fibers.
3.Kootu Curry: Kootu Curry is another Onam Food prepared using different types of Vegetables. Pumpkins and Carrots(rich in beta carotene) can be used to sweeten the curry.  Sugar or jaggery can be used as sweetening agents. Jaggery is a good source of iron, so prefer that. Also, one can use Pineapple to add a distinct flavor to the Kootu Curry. So it gives all vitamins, minerals, fiber especially iron.

4.Erisshery: Erisshery is a popular Onam dish prepared from Pumpkin and Beans. Erisshery also prepared using Raw Bananas instead of Pumpkin. Beans are a good plant protein.

5.Parippu Curry: This can be made using Moong Dal or Tuvar Dal. In some regions of Kerala, coconut milk or coconut paste is used for flavoring the curry. Parippu Curry is supported by Ghee. It provides enough protein.

6.Lady Finger Khichdi: Though Cucumber Khichdi and Beetroot Khichdi are more popular but Lady’s Finger Khichdi is one unique dish amongst all the Onam Dishes. Mucous in ladies’ finger is fiber and it provides vitamins and minerals also.

7.Morru Curry: Morru Curry is one of the very popular Onam Dishes made using curd with banana, pineapple, raw banana, or ripe mango as an option. It is good for digestion. It gives protein, vitamins, and minerals.
8.Semiya Payasam: Semiya Payasam is a traditional South Indian Recipe that suggests the use of minimal ingredients. Semiya (like noodles) is cooked with milk and sugar. Dry fruits are added to taste. It is an excellent dessert which gives enough calory, protein, fat, etc. It is mostly liked by the kids and nutritious also.
Payasam can be made with wheat, Rava, or Dal which again improve the protein intake. Pappads are made with Bengal gram powder which gives protein also, so better go for this than other types of potato chips which do not contain enough protein, but high carb.
Pickles are made with raw mango(rich in vitamin -c), gooseberry(rich in vitamin -c), and ginger. Ginger is good for digestion and it also helps to reduce the effect of uric acid in high protein food.

Just understand that having one or two Kerala sadhya with the food you love may not results in weight gain, no need to feel guilty about it. If you wish to take 2 glasses of payasam, them reduce the rice portion but have all other curries . Even if you gain a few kilos we can reduce it in the coming days and next followup, so don’t worry about it.

Love light peace and Joy


Aug 31, 2020

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Diet and Gall bladder stone pain more in lockdown?


Recently a client from Sydney joined with Nutrisolutions after a gallbladder stone surgery and the diet which help to maintain better health and overall wellness. I was just trying to understand the general pattern of diet followed and found to have a normal diet but a bit more carbohydrates than what he exactly needs as a sedentary worker. Maybe the excess of calories converted to fat and get stored in the system and it may be one of the major causes of high triglycerides level in many clients even though they are not taking a high-fat diet. Each person is different and their daily need and in most cases I just look into their emotions and childhood trauma or the relationships which affect them and the more pain or grudge towards the self or during the growing age could be an impact and inner child healing trauma relaxes the stomach . Recently few cases came with IBS and other intestinal disorders who had a lot of emotional and various kinds of abuse during childhood. So an overall analysis may help even though many of them are unaware of these minute things which actually affects the health, mind, and emotional layers. The book which I published on Diet and Emotions give a better idea about the impact of various emotions on our health and how it affects various organs. Meditation is really helping my clients to heal their PCOS and various psychosomatic illness.

If it is food, go for a normal balanced diet according to your age and work or metabolism more foods that are high in fiber, such as. fruits, vegetables, beans, and pulses. Reduce refined carbohydrates and less sugar and go for complex carbohydrates rice-based. Eat healthy fats, like coconut oil, fish oil, and olive oil, in limits to help your gallbladder to contract and empty regularly.  Avoid unhealthy fats, like those often found in desserts and fried foods.

Drink enough water and it helps in overall wellness and better mind or utilization of water-soluble vitamins and finds the type of stone. Each kind of stone has a specific diet to be followed. Regular followup is essential to understand the condition.

Jul 10, 2020

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lockdown and eat right India movement by fssai -Is magic pill or immunity booster help to prevent Corona

There are so many queries regarding immunity boosters daily and a lot of sales are going on in all areas due to COVID and people who don’t know anything about diet or local food and Nutrition is spreading all wrong news about immunity. Yesterday I had an interview regarding this topic in a leading newspaper.

This is what the Indian Standard of food promoted by fssai and all local food with different varieties and colors are good. There is no superfood or anything that spreads to prevent COVID is fake no immunity booster but maybe a balanced diet to choose local food from all food groups helps and a man-made virus which spread for destroying humanity is reflecting people to find the truth and the myth which was spreading to mask truth against diet and nutrition science and in every nutrition program we can find stalls with thousands of food including chakka manga tenga (in Kerala 😁)as a superfood but it has some effects if you include in a balanced diet that’s all. And mind or emotions and mental health issues are more now so stay at peace with what you have than believing these. People have the right to know the truth and they decide what is best and your life is your choice. This is just derived from the discussion with thought leaders and dietitians around the globe and from my own experience in the last 17yrs and believing in the power of nature and natural food and meditation to heal!.

Go for a balanced diet plan that suits you and your family with available food source and income or personal preferences.

Jul 10, 2020

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How NutritionQuacks without proper qualification affect health of India during Covid with supplements??

This month started with more COVID pandemic issues in India and there were more discussions regarding the health and wellness of people in Kerala and India. Since so many clients and friends dealing with such matters and to see a healthy nation it’s always an attempt to spread the right information as said by the Health Department and from the National team was India focusing on Eat Right Movement and food plate.

It was such a privilege to meet our Agriculture and Health Minister and I am proud to know that this website is being inaugurated by him, Parshottam Rupala and later in last November I could visit him Delhi Parlament to handover the first copy of my book “Diet and Meditation for Emotional Eating” and a copy to our PrimeMinister, there got a chance to handover one to State Government when a client joined for a mentoring session. I hope that the research and experience of thousands of clients emotions and various other socio-economic factors and importance of mental health are being considered by the team and ita a worldwide report of clients from different parts of the world which formed Nutrisolutions Global Community and its helping people to support and evolve in all areas of life than just a Diet Plan. Many of my clients who got affected during lockdown are in a better condition of peace and more understanding about the ascension process happening on earth right now. In the last 20yrs of Meditation and blessings of masters from the Himalayas and abroad helped to understand the metaphysical phenomenon of changes in human system by making people aware of their own heart energy to heal their cells and evolve.No doubt in our Community who joined for infertility issues are conceiving with right nutrition tips of organic local food or the way they understood their inner voice than listening to outer limited issues. A healthy balanced diet can help heal or nourish and helps infertility also. Many of them experienced healing from illness and a life with abundance, so we continued the Meditation session at 10 pm, which is giving to the public when so many news coming up with depression and suicide in India or the world due to COVID. Yes, it’s difficult to make them understand in a limited knowledge of three-dimension but spiritual science research in various parts of the world including Joe Dispenza and Heart Math Institute helping people to understand other layers of the body to West and our Masters in India and 10,000-year-old Veda also mentioned about it. To make people understand the healing power of Vedic mantra and RigVeda another free session started with GayathriMantra Chanting Meditation. I was chanting it since childhood which helps to understand the truth of this world hid and the power of sunlight in healing and curing deficiencies are being studied and getting wonderful feedback.

Maybe the people who are not having enough education on Nutrition Science is spreading awareness on supplements and weight loss product sale from Nutrition quacks are at higher rates now. Yesterday one of my friend who is a doctor in a well-known hospital send a patient and said”Gayathri give her the right advice, hours of exercise in gym and wrong advice on supplements are harming her and organ damage due to heavy metals and imported weightloss products by a gym expert in Kochi City” and this made us think and understand as all thought leaders from different parts are watching the Nutrition quacks and its sale through foreign agencies and business association which is just to add profit and spread of wrong information and thousands of immune boosters even by reputed health professionals in Allopathy, Ayurveda or homoeopathy in Kochi, Kerala, India and just checking how they lose integrity while supporting pharma than the health of people and humanity. So all Nutrition quacks without proper Nutrition degree are taking charge to spread wrong news about COVID healing which is not mentioned by ICMR, WHO or FSSAI. Check FSSAI for the right information on COVID and there is no prevention or cure with supplements or food but go for a normal balanced diet and support farmers when food chain is being affected. It is also informed that many supplements which are banned in other countries are being circulated in countries like India. Ask for the qualification of a person who suggests you diet and a doctor may study a few chapters on Nutrition and how important it is to share the right information than the wrong diet.

Since I completed my Masters from College of Agriculture Vellayani, and studied with scholarship our focus is always on Community and there were only three seats plus one ICAR candidate and our project work and research was equal to Ph.D. thesis with so many efforts than adjustments which I later understood how easy it is to submit a project in normal colleges which I was teaching or helping students in Research Work. And while working as a Dietician I understood the various degree of applied knowledge in the clinical case and it is just a surprise to note that in Kerala or India anyone with a quick certificate on Nutrition or a supplement sale agent act as a Dietician. And how much they harm our nation and people by killing Indian Food Culture. We are not illiterate to be cheated and a normal homemade diet with different food group add enough proteins and nutrients for a day if planned wisely with the right portion and followup of three months to stabilize it.

Think and act with brain and heart together…

more light love peace and joy




Jun 24, 2020

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DIET AND MEDITATION – Lockdown Emotion Healing

Being a Dietician ,always my research was focusing on simple easy diet options suitable for my clients and according to their preference and locality and since I am living here in Kerala ,”God’s own Country” and majority of my clients even though they settled in different parts of the world I just experiment more into their gene type ,childhood and since most of the food we tasted during first one year have an influence on our system and even the person who serve food especially in the absence of mother or the emotions of care taker also have a metaphysical effect on the child or there are so many factors other than food which make a person enjoy the moment of life into more meaning and stress free .

If you are a a person who bought up in a stressful home were no one listen to your emotions or instead of getting a hug or listening busy parents often shows love by presenting more food as rewards and thus a kid bought up in such situation may ge attracted to the food when ever they need some love or someone to listen .So just understand the emotions and feelings and write it down to understand who you are in essence. May be emotions are many and each person feel it differently and emotional quotient and spiritual quotient are equally important as Intelligent quotient especially during current scenarios of Covid and related depression ,especially to a country like India or South India were we have 100% literacy and more focus on education and profession than understanding the delicate emotion or energy and heart is more intelligent than our brain .

Being a Meditator for last 20ys of experiments and stages of painful transformation or the one who was born and bought up in a house of spiritual freedom were my father was a Veterinary Surgeon who was an advanced spiritual soul, extraordinary person in an ordinary community who flourish in light with his own hard work and insights and the way he put out his passion to build a business or its more of farmers friendly and supportive research and breed developments which is suitable for Kerala and an inspiration for many. May be the way his energy and dedication made us to explore our own purpose than following the money he saved and he never interfere but said each soul read and understand spirituality based on their maturity so we have no strict rituals at home ,we used to visit temple, church or even do Ramadan fasting with lot of friends and families during onam celebration or food festival, were anyone who visit home served with lot of food even though they come for purchasing something and all his knowledge he share free to society . After shifted to a city and marriage made a lot of conflict and mind was not ready to accept the new system of business modules tried tested and failed and thus moved in a unique way of understanding and free services limited to those who truly deserve or the one who understand the value of energy and the transformation in their system. May be the way father advised to study in Agriculture College to study Food Science and Nutrition with scholarship helped to understand what exactly food science means and its connection to nature and natural produce or to support local farming . During this lockdown ,inorder to support the community from severe anxiety issues , started online free retreats of meditation and knowledge sharing to make them understand their true light and master inside which is really helping my clients and friends who understand this journey and current cosmic energy shifts which is predicted earlier and even written in my book “Diet and Meditation for Emotional Eating”

If you ask me the benefits of meditation ,I will say it is being with the God inside or a meditator understand the journey and masters in higher dimension channel their messages and guide for the highest good, which is what I understood or now being guided by Himalayan masters or even Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness which I am learning and experimenting in the last 2 years or being connected to such freedom of spirituality were the masters advice us the true path of enlightenment as to follow our own soul and it heals automatically by just sitting and observing the breath, which is our master .Freedom and experiment helps people to understand their unique essence than blind following of ritual in three dimension or following a Guru or stuck in the path when universe itself is helping us to shift consciousness and evolve to love frequency of heart like the innocence of a child to get charged with the light codes from nature . Removing all lower dimension program of sin ,guilt ,shame and pain created by structured religion which hide truth and breaking all barriers which affects your uniqueness is what the masters channeling it trough my work or just an object were this light is passed to those who seek knowledge or wisdom .May be many times the words trigger others but that is also a process of clearing the blocks in society which is dominated with just money, manipulation and spirituality marketing and conversion to another religion or system making them away from truth and more suffering .From 2020 onwards we are our own master creators and our path is already defined but just be yourself than trying to be one among the group .

When I started my spiritual practices during adolescence when father gave me a copy of “Gayathri Mantra” book written by babaji of Shaktikunj Haridwar .It was a new experience for me and I used to do all rituals and the mother which is a universal prayer and beejmantra it was such an intuition and improvement in studies and talent .I couldn’t visit that place or never got a Guru directly but during my college days one of my classmate told about a spiritual class of an organisation were I blindly followed the rituals and technique forgot chanting my mantra and after so many years of so much energy blockages and so much karma clearing and sequences of events in family and loss which cannot be answered by medical science I myself understood the spiritual bypassing is not spirituality but inner healing and clearing and understanding the self. A situation was formed in my life were I seek help of a mentor from other part of the world in higher dimension of energy or a mirror which helped to understand truth and unconditional love .His name was connected to Christ and he said “Gayathri your name itself is divine, no need to follow any lower dimension ideas and that’s why your parents put that name and  listen Gayathri Mantra ,understand your light and no need to help everyone but the one who comes to you” which made me to realise what I missed in life and why I gave importance to everyone else to suffer and 14years of married life was also a good learning period, healing and clearing a past life .But I always cherish what life gave and this motherhood to experience true unconditional love and thus I could understand others and help them by seeing the solutions in another dimension even though truth is a bit painful but your soul love to listen to your truth than living in shadow ,or life inside a golden cage but to fly and sky is the limit or clearing and healing our past with forgiveness is the path of enlightenment and our soul forget when we come to earth school and add more karma than clearing what it triggers.

May be due to the pain in understanding people skip their childhood experiences and mask it with profession, or migrating to other country or achieve lots of material but it never satisfy them and no one can take anything from mother earth except the love that you give or receive or the skills you learn and karma is not punishment but its a science to heal and clear the dense energy and mediating is one of the major process in evolving and being guided to walk in purpose and support humanity. May be many souls who is in the beginning layers of learning cannot understand what meditation is or mindfulness is not the meditation that we are talking about and experiencing different layers of body and even the travel to whole universe and experiencing the extra terrestrial beings or the light which cannot be totally understood by logic brain and many of my clients who are physicians or bank employers struggled to understand this dimension but after a month of meditation together online they all are experiencing their life path clearing old programming were all power was given to family society or knowledge reading in book .Let see the worth and master inside and heal planet earth during this ascension with good emotions of love, which heals .

Love,light ,peace and joy


May 03, 2020