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How NutritionQuacks without proper qualification affect health of India during Covid with supplements??

This month started with more COVID pandemic issues in India and there were more discussions regarding the health and wellness of people in Kerala and India. Since so many clients and friends dealing with such matters and to see a healthy nation it’s always an attempt to spread the right information as said by the Health Department and from the National team was India focusing on Eat Right Movement and food plate.

It was such a privilege to meet our Agriculture and Health Minister and I am proud to know that this website is being inaugurated by him, Parshottam Rupala and later in last November I could visit him Delhi Parlament to handover the first copy of my book “Diet and Meditation for Emotional Eating” and a copy to our PrimeMinister, there got a chance to handover one to State Government when a client joined for a mentoring session. I hope that the research and experience of thousands of clients emotions and various other socio-economic factors and importance of mental health are being considered by the team and ita a worldwide report of clients from different parts of the world which formed Nutrisolutions Global Community and its helping people to support and evolve in all areas of life than just a Diet Plan. Many of my clients who got affected during lockdown are in a better condition of peace and more understanding about the ascension process happening on earth right now. In the last 20yrs of Meditation and blessings of masters from the Himalayas and abroad helped to understand the metaphysical phenomenon of changes in human system by making people aware of their own heart energy to heal their cells and evolve.No doubt in our Community who joined for infertility issues are conceiving with right nutrition tips of organic local food or the way they understood their inner voice than listening to outer limited issues. A healthy balanced diet can help heal or nourish and helps infertility also. Many of them experienced healing from illness and a life with abundance, so we continued the Meditation session at 10 pm, which is giving to the public when so many news coming up with depression and suicide in India or the world due to COVID. Yes, it’s difficult to make them understand in a limited knowledge of three-dimension but spiritual science research in various parts of the world including Joe Dispenza and Heart Math Institute helping people to understand other layers of the body to West and our Masters in India and 10,000-year-old Veda also mentioned about it. To make people understand the healing power of Vedic mantra and RigVeda another free session started with GayathriMantra Chanting Meditation. I was chanting it since childhood which helps to understand the truth of this world hid and the power of sunlight in healing and curing deficiencies are being studied and getting wonderful feedback.

Maybe the people who are not having enough education on Nutrition Science is spreading awareness on supplements and weight loss product sale from Nutrition quacks are at higher rates now. Yesterday one of my friend who is a doctor in a well-known hospital send a patient and said”Gayathri give her the right advice, hours of exercise in gym and wrong advice on supplements are harming her and organ damage due to heavy metals and imported weightloss products by a gym expert in Kochi City” and this made us think and understand as all thought leaders from different parts are watching the Nutrition quacks and its sale through foreign agencies and business association which is just to add profit and spread of wrong information and thousands of immune boosters even by reputed health professionals in Allopathy, Ayurveda or homoeopathy in Kochi, Kerala, India and just checking how they lose integrity while supporting pharma than the health of people and humanity. So all Nutrition quacks without proper Nutrition degree are taking charge to spread wrong news about COVID healing which is not mentioned by ICMR, WHO or FSSAI. Check FSSAI for the right information on COVID and there is no prevention or cure with supplements or food but go for a normal balanced diet and support farmers when food chain is being affected. It is also informed that many supplements which are banned in other countries are being circulated in countries like India. Ask for the qualification of a person who suggests you diet and a doctor may study a few chapters on Nutrition and how important it is to share the right information than the wrong diet.

Since I completed my Masters from College of Agriculture Vellayani, and studied with scholarship our focus is always on Community and there were only three seats plus one ICAR candidate and our project work and research was equal to Ph.D. thesis with so many efforts than adjustments which I later understood how easy it is to submit a project in normal colleges which I was teaching or helping students in Research Work. And while working as a Dietician I understood the various degree of applied knowledge in the clinical case and it is just a surprise to note that in Kerala or India anyone with a quick certificate on Nutrition or a supplement sale agent act as a Dietician. And how much they harm our nation and people by killing Indian Food Culture. We are not illiterate to be cheated and a normal homemade diet with different food group add enough proteins and nutrients for a day if planned wisely with the right portion and followup of three months to stabilize it.

Think and act with brain and heart together…

more light love peace and joy




Jun 24, 2020