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Do you think you should buy the next size jeans for a comfort fit post the pandemic lockdown? You are not alone! This is a common feeling of many across the globe.

The lockdown, thanks to COVID-19 has brought in a new realm of life to people worldwide. When laptops shifted from office desks to homes, new habits like increased snacking and overeating also followed us. Many of us had shifted from our regular fitness routines due to the closure of gyms, experimenting trending food recipes and skipped medical check-ups. These factors in turn contributed to those extra pounds gained during the quarantined period. Studies show that increased levels of stress, anxiety, boredom and more sedentary time also accounted for weight gain during the quarantine periods.

Return to the new normal

Even though second and third waves are underway in some countries, the world has slowly started resuming to the new normal. Weight loss has now become a major concern. We have started trying our fad diets and various exercise regimes compatible with the new lifestyle post COVID-19.  People mostly rely on internet for such sessions. However, there is less chance of obtaining the promised results of the so-called exercises and diets, unless you are under the supervision of an experienced dietitian.

Why do you need a dietitian’s support?

Being overweight or obese can land you in various health issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure cholesterol and heart diseases. A dietitian helps you plan your diet in such a way that it brings all the essential nutrients in the right quantity at the right time. The quantity, quality and timeliness of your eating habits matters in bringing out the results. A majority of the people keeps unrealistic weight goals like they need to have the weight they had 10 years before. But an expert dietitian can support you with setting realistic weight loss objectives.

If you read that whole grain foods like oats can help you in weight loss and you end up preparing oats with more butter or sugar than needed, then the result would be reverse. So a nutritionist or a dietitian is the right person to calculate the correct proportion of calories based on your body mass index and physical as well as medical conditions.

Adopt changes that matters

If you are planning to seek help from a dietitian, then be ready for a change. They will support you with the tips, tricks and tools to sustainably manage your weight. Along with the meal plans, you will have to embrace lifestyle changes that will help you to reach your weight goals. Life style changes includes quitting bad habits that you had been practicing since years, improving the quality of sleep and cultivating new routines that makes you feel good. Practicing meditation and yoga can also bring in the desired solutions to your weight goals.

Other reasons to visit a dietitian

Apart from weight loss, there are various other reasons where you would need the support of a dietitian. We hope you make an informed decision after reading the following reasons to visit a dietitian or a nutritionist:

1. You couldn’t gain a few pounds to reach the target weight after trying every possible methods
2. You experience digestive issues like bloating, constipation, flatulence
3. You overeat when you are emotional
4. You are pregnant, trying to be pregnant or dealing with infertility or a new mom
5. You are looking for a practically healthy life style
6. You want help in managing chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol
7. You find it difficult to follow healthy eating habits

How we can help you

At Gayathri’s Nutrisolutions, we focus on providing custom-tailored diet plans based on your individual physical and medical needs (if any). My meal plans include locally available food items, rich in all essential nutrients. I will be with you to ensure that every step forward is a step to achieving your weight loss goals. Each consultation aims to keep your motivation levels high while working towards your goal.

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Nov 24, 2020

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How meditation helps to focus your mind, diet and wellness?

Does meditation make you more conscious of the food you eat? Yes, it does.  Meditation is a proven path to stay mindful of what you eat, how you feel and become more aware of the present. 

Being an experienced dietitian and wellness coach, I deal with cases of binge eating while you are emotionally disturbed. I did an extensive research on this and collated my studies and experience in a book: “Diet & Meditation for Emotional Eating: Awaken the Master Inside with Spiritual Science and Food Science”. This book includes my own spiritual journey and experiences that force me to embrace new aspects of my being. It covers various layers of wellness, diet and nutrition consultation approaches, extensive studies on factors affecting eating habits, and tips, tricks and recommendations that support your wellbeing. In this blog, you can have a glimpse of the thoughts I share in my book.

Stress and well-being

I decoded my life through a spiritual journey. So I wanted to share my experience to others so that they too could embark on their journey to heal themselves.

 Research shows that 90% of illness and disease that occurs in human beings are stress related. It interacts in your physical functioning and processes. Positive beliefs, comfort and strength gained from meditation can contribute to the physical and mental wellness of a person. You have to identify the things that bring you inner peace, strength and comfort.  It can help you to stay insightful and nurture relationships with yourself and with others. In today’s stressful world, it is essential that everyone should find time for a self-renewal through meditation. It helps you to recognize and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Meditation for binge eating

Do you find yourself mindlessly stepping into your kitchen and grab something to eat when you are emotional? It could happen when you are anxious, sad or even happy. Don’t worry! You are not alone. Many people face this issue and there are ways to overcome it. Binge eating is one among the different ways in which our brain redirects us to do something habitual when we try to settle the uncomfortable emotions ourselves.

Many of my clients resort to me after doing everything possible to reduce their weight. When it comes to managing our weight, the first thing we should do is to acknowledge the mind-body connection. From my experience as a dietitian, most of my clients overeat to cope up an emotional swing or stress. Another major reason for obesity is lack of self-love. It could be caused by negativities around a person, suppressed feelings, emotions and abuse. So I consider inner-child healing very essential while dealing with clients who approach me for obesity or weight loss consultation.

Health and Lifestyle

All of us believe that we do a fairly good job maintaining our health with good eating habits and physical activity. Apart from this, there are more factors that need to be considered to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes positivity, work-life balance, self-love, gratitude, forgiveness and discovering your true potential. You need to be fuelled to meet the demands of daily life. Even smiling and laughing at simple comics can keep you grounded while facing tough situations in life. Healthy lifestyle makes a big difference in your life.

Happy reading!

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Nov 19, 2020

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