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What is a Pescatarian diet and is it a healthy choice?

Are you a pescatarian?

A pescatarian diet is a vegetarian diet that includes fish or seafood along with vegetables. Pescatarians do not eat other meats. I think most of the people who lives near the sea, river or backwaters are pescatarians. In Kerala they are more in number, especially in Kochi where I resides.

Does it bring any health benefits?

A typical pescatarian diet includes vegetables, grains and pulses with sea food items and fish. It is an accepted nutritious diet choice as it has many health benefits. A pescatarian diet provides the essential omega-3-fatty acids that improves cardio-vascular health. It also reduces the risks of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Studies show that those on a pescatarian diet have lower levels of blood cholesterol and blood pressure when compared with the non-vegetarians. It also shows that pescatarians have better emotional and psychological health compared with people on other diets. Since it is a more of plant-based diet, a pescatarian gets the benefits of consuming vegetables, fruits, pulses, nuts and cereals too.

Should I be a pescatarian?

Being a pescatarian is a personal choice. A few prefer pescatarian diet to a non-vegetarian diet because of ethical concerns. They aim to avoid eating meat and save animals.

I prefer fish curry meals along with vegetarian dishes from my childhood. But after marriage, it included more of other non – vegetarian food items what others in the family loved to eat. I didn’t try to impose my knowledge in food or beliefs in them same as the way, I communicate with my clients. It’s all personal choices and beliefs. All what matters is eat a limited quantity of food that the body requires and choose from different types of food items.

Spirituality and eating habits

Many asks me if being spiritual means avoiding all non-vegetarian or practicing the new age trend of veganism. However, as a dietician, I don’t support it. You can do your own experiments – being a vegan or a pescatarian.  But always come back to a balanced diet which includes available local food items that provide all nutrients for the day.

Oct 29, 2020

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