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How Healthy Sustainable Diets Sustain Yourself And The Planet

On 16th of October every year, the world comes together to celebrate World Food Day. The theme each year is different, but 2020’s theme is unique and timely: “Grow, Nourish, Sustain”. In a world facing the ill effects of climate change, hunger and progressive diseases, this year’s theme stands out as a stark reminder of actions we can take to meet our common objectives and missions, with active plans. The steps we take today will bear a great deal on how our future turns out to be.

The Truth About The Food We Eat

When we talk about food, we can’t be without talking about health. These two words, in fact, are like two sides of a coin – they go hand in hand. But, let’s be clear here – there is a huge difference between food and healthy food. Much of the food we get in markets these days are ridden with pesticides and chemicals. On the other hand, garden-to-table produce gives you just the good stuff you need to stay healthy. No harmful pesticides, no growth boosters – just good old nature taking her course. Besides, organic farming or growing your own food is a simple way to meet 2020’s theme, to grow, nourish and thereby sustain.

Eating To Sustain Our Planet

How so? Well, an eco-friendly diet, or planet-friendly eating, helps you get way more nutrients than otherwise. You get to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions, save water and reduce water pollution. When you allow nature to take its course, you’re bound to be more healthy and live in a healthier world. So what should you be eating or not eating as part of your planet-friendly diet? First, what not to eat – cut back on dairy, meat and seafood. Eat more of whole grains, nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Support locally grown fruits and vegetables by shopping local. Local food leaves lesser environmental footprint as it reduces food miles and associated carbon emissions during transportation. It will also improve the local bio diversity. Select more fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw. This would help to save the energy used for cooking. Eat seasonal food items and preserve them for future use.

Should You Opt For A Diet Plan?

A healthy meal plan can change the way you feel and live and give you a better quality of life. Of course, what you eat has to be tailored to your body’s specific needs. You might have seen a lot of diet plans out on the internet, with claims from weight loss to building muscle. Diet plans are not a “one size fits all” option. If you’d like to live a healthier, more sustainable life, do connect with a professional to get a personal diet plan that can invigorate you.

To summarize, our food choices go beyond just something that is put on the plate. The foods we choose and the sources from which they come have a big impact on our environment and on our health. Organic foods and planet-friendly eating have long-lasting benefits, and fully tie in with this year’s World Food Day theme, to “Grow, Nourish, Sustain”.

Nov 08, 2020

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