Guruvayur Palpayasam – Kerala food & Nutrition : the divine dessert !

After a while visited Guruvayur temple and having the delicious desert which is divine ad well as nutritious , it is believed to be the favourite of Lord Krishna and each offering have a story and scientific reason behind it . It is believed to have some medicinal benefits which I understood is of the nutrition and material knowledge of nutrition science and thousands of years old food culture and tradition which we have in India and Kerala . Each and every part of sadya is nutritious and palpayasam which is made of milk ,brown rice , sugar have its own nutrItional benefits which contain enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and most of the temple offerings are of micro nutrients rich substance and it is a good way to get the vegetarians enough nutrients of the day. The reasons behind each celebration and daily sadya in holy places is to provide the social and emotional functions of food with a nutritious way without harming . The food prepared in spiritual places with chanting and purity of mind have its own benefits and we can feel (a meditative mind ) the differences after having the food . Same as what WHO said about health, which is not only the abse of diseases but overall nutrition and wellness- physical, mental and spiritual way .

As a #dietician we recommend a #balanceddiet with all nutrients from different #food sources and understanding the traditional principles of diet an sustainable solutions are also important for our day today life .

Those who are on a weightloss journey is afraid of sweets but know your portions .


Gayathri 😊

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Nov 15, 2022

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